Christmas in July is a great way to experience Christmas in a different season. In Australia, Christmas is traditionally celebrated in summer, which is why we love creating a Winter Wonderland in July.

There are many Winter Wonderland style and colour themes you can select for your home. Some of our favourites include a Silver and Sage palette, a minimalist approach such as that in the Hygee Christmas collection, or combine touches of coastal elements with artificial snow to create the perfect winter Hamptons Coastal Christmas.

Your Christmas in July decorating does not have to be extravagant. Why not make use of the cold weather by doing craft activities? Christmas craft can be as simple as decorating baubles, painting craft trays or making beautiful wall art. You can get a group of friends together, or get the kids involved, to create unique décor to suit to your Winter Wonderland theme. We believe craft projects are the perfect way to get into the Christmas in July spirit.

Below, we have compiled a few ideas for you to feel festive and embrace a Winter Wonderland in your home.

Craft Baubles

Craft baubles are a simple yet effective way to introduce a Winter Wonderland to your space. Available in two sizes and four designs, round (8cm and 10cm), disc, finial, and teardrop; finished with string so they can be displayed on your Christmas tree or bauble hanger. Craft baubles are the perfect Christmas in July activity that you can decorate to suit any theme. Why not add some pearls inside, or glued to the outside of a teardrop bauble for a touch of elegance; or complete a round bauble by filling with artificial snow.


Create memories with your family or children by getting them involved in decorating their own beautiful one-of-a-kind decorations. Adding craft baubles from previous years is a fantastic way to break up the Winter Wonderland theme and create a truly magical Christmas in July.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to bauble decorating, or avid crafter like our wonderful customer Sue, we are sure to have plenty of craft projects in our blog to inspire you!

DIY Trays

Whether you’re looking for a tray to form a beautiful centrepiece or to display on your mantle, we have DIY activities to suit every Winter Wonderland craft project.


One of our favourite collections, Silver and Sage, featured Star Trays which we enjoyed transforming into silver glittery works of art. Display these trays on the wall alongside your free printables, or get creative by filling with special trinkets or themed ornaments and displaying on a mantle.

Or maybe our rose gold is your favourite trend to decorate with. Last year, we thoroughly enjoyed creating a Table Tray as part of our Sugar Plum collection. Instead of purchasing a mirror or tray from the store, why not revamp one that you may already have at home. This simple yet stylish project was finished with artificial snow and blush animals to form a stunning centrepiece for a blush Winter Wonderland.


These versatile trays can be used throughout the year to complement your décor and add elegance to any space.

Wall Art

Inspired by a Scandinavian Christmas, the Hygee Christmas collection combines Winter Wonderland with DIY pieces. Why not get the kids involved in crafting a Twig Window, or assembling a stunning gallery wall featuring free printables and an assortment of Winter Wonderland themed Christmas decorations.


Displaying Christmas printables throughout your home is a great way to evoke Christmas spirit and enhance the Winter Wonderland theme. Simply download the printable you like, print it out, frame, and hang. Or why not display your printable on a table amongst wintery Christmas ornaments, such as snowflakes or artificial snow. Use our blog as a source of inspiration for ways to decorate your home with Christmas printables.

You too can create a unique look in your home this Christmas – or Christmas in July – by utilising the articles and Christmas Inspiration Videos in our blog.

Even though a white Christmas is unfamiliar to those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, we certainly adore this simple and effective decorating style.


A gorgeous Winter Wonderland can be found in any home with the help of our blogs and inspiration gallery. We would love to see your DIY masterpieces! Be sure to share your DIY masterpieces via email or by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook.

At The Christmas Cart, you will find a vast range of Christmas décor and keepsake gifts in our online store. Check out our Blog to discover more craft articles and view our Inspiration Gallery for more ways to decorate this Christmas.