Christmas Storage Solutions to Ensure Longevity of your Decorations

DWM Putting Decorations Away

Whether you are short on ideas or just a throw-it-in-the-cupboard kind of person, never fear! We are here to help with some clever Christmas storage solutions to help keep your decorations and décor safe year-round.

Savvy housekeeper, home organiser, or not; when Christmas is done and dusted for another year, we all need some Christmas storage solutions for putting away our Christmas kit and kaboodle. Packed down and packed up, all that Christmas décor can actually take up quite some storage space. And when you don’t really know where to start, it is easy to just pack it all in a box, stash it away out of sight and out of mind for another year. But with come clever Christmas storage solutions to help get you through, Christmas pack-down will no longer need to be a chore.

Here are 5 quick Christmas storage solutions that can help make light work of the task.

#1 Christmas Storage Solutions – for the Christmas Tree

As one of the most prominent pieces of Christmas décor, it is usually the Christmas tree that also causes the most fuss when it comes to pack down and storage time. And the box it comes in never quite fits the bill when trying to squeeze the Christmas tree back in.

Finding the right storage for your tree will help protect it from damage, keep the needles in good order and the lights and pole in proper condition. Our Christmas gurus have found a couple of different Christmas storage solutions for the Christmas tree and we have broken them down below.

Upright Storage

Upright storage is great if you have a bag with space in the bottom that can pull up over your Christmas tree for full coverage. Some of the upright storage bags that you can purchase also come fitted with wheels for ease of manoeuvring the tree into your storage area. You need to ensure the bag is long enough to fit the largest (lengthiest) section of your tree when packed down.

Christmas Tree Bag with Handles

Another option for Christmas tree storage is a Christmas tree bag with handles. These typically come in a range of materials, including canvas and plastic-coated fabric. It is important to select an option that is waterproof and with reinforced handles to avoid tearing with the weight of the tree in transit. Remember to fold the tree branches upright before placing them into the bag.

Image source: Big W, & Kmart


#2 Christmas Storage Solutions – for Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are another tricky décor item to store as they have a tendency to tangle. And it is never fun un-tangling a mess of Christmas lights when all you want to do is put them on display. This quick hack will help avoid the tangled mess and is generally quick and easy to do.

Cut a large, thick rectangle of cardboard then carefully wind the lights around the board, working from one end up to the other. Save a small section at the top end to write what type of lights they are so you remember where to put them up next time (e.g. flashing bright white, coloured, etc). Once they are bundled up, pack them neatly into a box (shoeboxes work great for this) to be packed away.

Image source: Australian Handyman Magazine, Bunnings

If you wanted a dedicated storage solution for your Christmas lights, check out this Christmas lighting storage box with dividers to wrap your lights around from Bunnings. Not only will it house your lights, but the insert dividers offer an ideal solution for keeping them untangled too.


#3 Christmas Storage Solutions – Keep it Safe

During Christmas shopping you will likely accumulate plenty of bubble wrap, tissue paper, boxes and bags, especially if you purchase items online. Use this packaging to help keep your Christmas décor safe and protected while being stored away.

Wrap glass baubles and other breakable Christmas decorations in tissue paper or bubble wrap before packing them away. Use the packing to sit between decorations in boxes or bags to save them rolling around. For an ecofriendly Christmas storage solution, we recommend reusing any gift boxes from Christmas, or the boxes and bags our personalised Christmas baubles arrived in.


#4 Christmas Storage Solutions – Bag it Up

Maximise storage space by using vacuum-sealed bags. Vacuum bags are great space savers for storing soft items that can be flattened, such as Christmas table linen, cushions, garlands, tinsel, bunting, plush toys, etc. Removing the air reduces the volume of items and protects them from moisture and pests.

We found some handy vacuum bags at Kmart. Check out their combo storage bags  or their underbed space bag! You will save plenty of space storing items in a vacuum bag rather than throwing them straight into a box or in the cupboard.

You can find storage bags and boxes quite inexpensively at Kmart too. Invest in durable storage zipper bags or containers with lid closures for larger decorations. These bags provide an added layer of protection against dust and are often designed to accommodate a variety of items, from wreaths to garlands.

Images from Kmart, Bunnings & Bunnings

#5 Christmas Storage Solutions – Divide and Conquer

Keep all your Christmas ornaments and decorations safely housed in a specialised divider storage box before packing them into a cupboard. This option we found at Bunnings offers space for 45 pieces with a clip lid that helps to keep them weatherproof, and tidy. You will thank yourself next year for being so organised!

Images from Bunnings, & Kmart

There is a tonne of Christmas storage options that can help to save space, save time, and help with getting organised next year. We suggest the best place to start is by thinking about exactly what you have to pack down and store, then plan the boxes, bags and tubs you need before Christmas is done and dusted for another year.

Deb’s handy Christmas tips are perfect to help prepare yourself to pack Christmas away this year and reset next year. For more Christmas decorating and gifting ideas, take a look at our online blog and join our Celebration Central Facebook group, run by our fun team at The Christmas Cart & Gifts & Keepsakes! Join a space where we can all share ideas and inspire each other to create, decorate and celebrate!

By incorporating these Christmas storage solutions into your holiday routine, you’ll not only preserve the magic of your decorations but also make the setup for the next festive season a breeze. ‘Tis the season for thoughtful storage – your future self will thank you!