Christmas Photos

  1. How to Create Beautiful Gifts from Santa Photos

    Taking the kids to get their photo taken with Santa is a fun and timeless Christmas tradition. Santa photos make memorable keepsakes - have a look at these interesting ways you can use them to create a fabulous Christmas gift for friends and family. Continue reading
  2. Have the Ultimate Santa Photo Experience

    Do you Believe? This year . . . discover some real Christmas Magic! Would you like to give your family an unique, magical experience with Santa Claus? Share the Spirit of Christmas and create lasting memories with a Magical Santa Experience thanks to Christmas Memories. Continue reading
  3. How to Get the Best Santa Photo

    There’s definitely an art to capturing the perfect Santa photo. If you’re hoping to snap the perfect family photo this festive season but aren’t sure how to avoid tears or tantrums, we’ve got you covered! With many years of experience we’ve learnt some of the secrets behind getting a great Santa photo for your family, and we’re willing to share them! Continue reading
  4. A Guide to the Perfect Santa Photo

    A Santa photo is a great way to commemorate Christmas, but it can be tricky to get it right. Thankfully we’ve had many years of experience, and have come to learn the secrets behind getting the perfect Santa photo of your children. Here are some tips for getting the best photo this Christmas....

  5. Tips for how to get the best Santa Photo

    Santa with girl

    A Santa photo is an annual family tradition. Here are some tips to ensure you do all you can to get the best photo.

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