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  1. Christmas in July Gift Ideas

    Christmas in July Gift Ideas

    Just like traditional Christmas, Christmas in July gifts is typically part of the mid-year festivities too. So, if you are looking for the perfect Christmas in July gift, try these ideas on for size. Whether you are celebrating your Christmas in July Kris Kringle-style or stuffing a stocking to the brim with goodies, Christmas in July gifts is generally a welcomed part of the fun at this time of the year. The good news is you don’t have to go over the top or break the bank just to afford another round of gifts for Christmas in July. Whether your gift ideas are big or small – our team at The Christmas Cart has this covered for you. Continue reading →
  2. Top Secret Santa Gifts

    Top Secret Santa Gifts

    Secret Santa is a westernised tradition where members of a group participate in a Christmas gift-giving exercise to share in the spirit of Christmas. It is especially popular in workgroups and large families but is now growing in popularity among friendship and social groups too. Because socks and jocks are never a well-received (or appropriate) Christmas gift from Secret Santa...
  3. How to Create Beautiful Gifts from Your Santa Photos

    How to Create Beautiful Gifts from Your Santa Photos

    Christmas is a time for making and sharing memories. And one of the most popular ways to create memories to savour for many years to come are annual Santa photos. With all the effort that it takes to get the kids ready, stand in the queue and bribe them to behave and hopefully smile ;) it’s well worth preserving those precious memories in more than just a standard printed picture. They are only young once right?! Continue reading →
  4. Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration

    Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration

    Giving the wow factor to your Christmas gifts begins with amazing Christmas wrapping. Create a dramatic first impression and impress your lucky gift recipients this year with these fabulous Christmas gift wrapping inspiration and ideas. Continue reading →
  5. Five Christmas Shopping Tips

    Five Christmas Shopping Tips

    When it comes to Christmas shopping the shops are crowded, the queues are long and the car park can be like a battlefield. This can really take the joy out of the festive season. So when it comes time to venture to shops you can reduce the headache by making the most of your trip. Continue reading →
  6. DIY Christmas Hampers

    DIY Christmas Hampers

    A well thought out personalised Christmas hamper box is a beautiful gift to bestow onto your loved ones this season. Not only will the receiver love their tailored hamper but it is also tons of fun to get crafty and create a special collection to gift. Below are a few DIY Hamper tips to create the perfect one! Continue reading →
  7. 10 DIY Christmas Gifts

    10 DIY Christmas Gifts

    The act of giving and receiving at Christmas time is even more precious when it is a gift made from the heart. Here are 10 simple DIY Christmas gift ideas for inspiration. Continue reading →
  8. Stunning Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

    Stunning Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

    Need help with Christmas gift wrapping? Look no further! We showcase some gift wrapping ideas so beautiful you won’t even want to open them! Continue reading →
  9. 7 Amazing DIY Christmas Gifts

    7 Amazing DIY Christmas Gifts

    Are you looking for some fun and cost effect Christmas Gifts that lets those you love know feel just that little bit more special. We’ve found 7 great ideas that can be put together quick and for cheap but are totally personal and are sure to be a hit! Continue reading →

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