Christmas Traditions

  1. Things You Can Do Now to Share the Christmas Spirit

    Things You Can Do Now to Share the Christmas Spirit

    It may only be September, but it's not too early to start sharing the Christmas spirit with others. Some of us have been eagerly awaiting Christmas and preparing for it all year. Continue reading →
  2. Make Memories with Christmas Movies

    Make Memories with Christmas Movies

    From the cheesy to the romantic, and the tear-jerkers; there is a Christmas movie for everyone. With easy access to streaming services, like Netflix and Stan, and the many other ways to have instant access to all the Christmas movies that your heart desires, you can turn any day (or night) into a Christmas movie memory maker. Continue reading →
  3. My Granddaughters’ Christmas Advent Calendar

    My Granddaughters’ Christmas Advent Calendar

    With the 1st of December only a few days away I thought you might like to see how I prepare an Advent Calendar for my Granddaughters, Isabelle and Charlotte. There are lots of options for pre-made advent calendars and it’s great to see so many that aren’t just chocolate and candies these days. Not that I have anything against chocolate and candies, but I like the idea of showing kids that there are lots of other ways to celebrate special occasions, it doesn’t always have to be about sweet treats. Continue reading →
  4. The Perfect Christmas Eve Box

    The Perfect Christmas Eve Box

    Christmas Eve is such a magical and special time in the festive season. For anyone who celebrates Christmas, the night before is often filled with excitement and anticipation of the big day that is just around the corner. The magic of Christmas Eve is particularly special for young children and a Christmas Eve box is the perfect way for everyone to spend time together enjoying the spirit of the season and preparing for what fun lies ahead. Continue reading →
  5. Unique Advent Calendar Ideas

    Unique Advent Calendar Ideas

    Advent calendars are a fantastic way to introduce the joy of Christmas into your home. Forget the idea that advent calendars being for young children. With some simple alterations, this popular Christmas tradition can be tailored to suit children and adults of all ages.  There are many different ways to create an age-appropriate advent calendar. Why not stray from the traditional store-bought chocolate-filled calendars and give these unique Advent calendar ideas a try this Christmas? Continue reading →
  6. Making Magical Christmas Memories Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

    Making Magical Christmas Memories Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

    When it comes to Christmas time, it can be all to easy to get caught up in the motions of spend, spend, spend and buy, buy, buy. It is inevitable that there will be costs of some kind involved in preparing for, and celebrating, this special time of year with family and friends but that doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank in the process. Continue reading →
  7. A Christmas Tree Full of Memories

    A Christmas Tree Full of Memories

    Without a doubt, the most precious things about Christmas are the beautiful, lasting memories that are made at this very special time of the year. Whether your Christmas celebrations are lavish and steeped in many years of tradition, or they are low-key and perhaps something a little different every year, there will always be precious Christmas memories made. Continue reading →
  8. Remembering a Loved One at Christmas

    Remembering a Loved One at Christmas

    Do you miss making Christmas memories with someone special – near, far or dearly departed? Whatever the reason that you are not together, there are many beautiful ways to honour the memory of a loved one this Christmas. Continue reading →
  9. Magical Kids Christmas Traditions

    Magical Kids Christmas Traditions

    Christmas traditions are always a little more special when there are young ones involved. If you are looking for some inspiration for magical Christmas traditions to observe with your clan this festive season, we have you covered. Continue reading →

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