Christmas Cooking

  1. Traditional Christmas Pudding

    Traditional Christmas Pudding

    Regardless of whether you celebrate a white and wintery Christmas in the north or a warm, summery Christmas in the south, there is no more iconic Christmas dessert than Traditional Christmas Pudding. This delicious treat is perfect with your choice of accompanying sweetness such as ice cream or cream. My personal favourite, and I am sure many others will agree, is warm custard. The thing about Christmas pudding is that because it is such a popular feature on Christmas tables around the world, there can be a lot of pressure to get it just right. So if Christmas pudding is on the menu at your place this Christmas, you best start practicing, tinkering and most-importantly taste-testing right now, while there's still a little bit of time.   Prep: 45mins Cook: 5:45 Hrs/Mins Servings: 12 Continue reading →
  2. 3 Wonderful Ways with Bread and Butter Pudding

    3 Wonderful Ways with Bread and Butter Pudding

    There is something so comforting about a home-made bread and butter pudding. It conjures memories of happiness, warmth, tradition and good times with family and friends. But having a tradition doesn't mean that you always have to stick to the same recipe. Create new Christmas in July traditions and give an old favourite a delicious twist with these 3 bread and butter pudding recipes that each add something a little bit special. Continue reading →
  3. Yummy Christmas in July Finger Foods Ideas

    Yummy Christmas in July Finger Foods Ideas

    Whether your Christmas in July celebration is a formal sit down dinner, a casual catch-up, or anything in between, we recommend that there should definitely be some delicious Christmas themed finger food on the menu. This selection of Christmas in July finger food recipes all feature soft cheese and cranberries, making them perfectly suited to any Christmas in July gathering. Not to mention they are super tasty too!! Continue reading →
  4. Delicious Christmas in July Dessert Ideas

    Delicious Christmas in July Dessert Ideas

    I don't know about you, but dessert is definitely one of my most-loved indulgences. So, as you can imagine, adding together Christmas and desserts in the perfect marriage that is Christmas desserts just absolutely make my heart, and my tastebuds, sing and dance! The cooler winter months means that warm puddings are a perfect choice for Christmas in July desserts. But that's certainly not the only option. We've gathered together some Christmas in July dessert options that are sure to inspire your menu and get your tastebuds dancing too. Continue reading →
  5. Christmas in July - Roasts and Ham

    Christmas in July - Roasts and Ham

    In winter, there is no better tastebud tantalising aroma than the home-sweet-home smell of a freshly baked roast. And a Christmas in July roast is perfect when you need to feed the masses. From turkey to pork and the best baked ham you can find; here are some of our all-time favourite Christmas in July roast ideas that will get your mouth watering and have you ready to impress your guests this season. Continue reading →
  6. Christmas Inspired Drinks to Keep You Warm

    Christmas Inspired Drinks to Keep You Warm

    Christmas in July calls for warming winter goodies through morsels of tasty foods, snacks, and drinks. And unlike a traditional Australian Christmas in the summertime, Christmas in July drinks are perfect served toasty. We’ve put together a selection of Christmas in July drinks to sip, slurp and keep you warm this winter. Continue reading →
  7. Left over Turkey? Make a festive Croque-Monsieur

    Left over Turkey? Make a festive Croque-Monsieur

    No doubt, we are all very familiar with the practice of eating leftovers for days after the Christmas festivities are over. And why shouldn't we? We worked so hard to pull it all together in the first place and we definitely don't want to waste it, but the same meal for days can certainly get a little boring. Continue reading →
  8. Twist on a Classic: Salted Caramel Eggnog

    Twist on a Classic: Salted Caramel Eggnog

    Christmas time is a great opportunity to indulge in many delicious wares, and that certainly includes beverages. While the tradition of having eggnog at Christmas may not be to everyone's liking, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere, this tasty twist on the classic recipe could very easily become a crowd favourite. Loaded with delicious sweet and savoury flavours, salted caramel eggnog is the one drink you MUST try this festive season. And as an added bonus you can whip it up in around 15 minutes! Leaving more time to enjoy the festivities. Continue reading →
  9. Top Tips to Prepare Your Christmas Feast in Advance

    Top Tips to Prepare Your Christmas Feast in Advance

    Preparing Christmas lunch or dinner is no menial task! We all want to avoid the stress and rush of trying to deliver an entire Christmas feast with all the trimmings while our guests are milling around relaxing and entertaining themselves. The secret is to plan ahead to ensure that you give yourself enough time get the food on the table as well as catch up with family and enjoy a festive beverage or two. Whether you’re having an intimate dinner for 5, or a buffet lunch for 35, these tips are sure to help your Christmas Day run smoothly. Continue reading →

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