Celebrating Christmas in July

At The Christmas Cart, we don't like that Christmas only comes once a year, so we celebrate Christmas in July as well! The Christmas Cart has all of the decorations, inspiration, recipes and items that you'll need to host the perfect Christmas in July celebration. Often it can be hard to find Christmas decorations, bon bons and ornaments in shops during July so why not SHOP ONLINE - we are celebrating Christmas all year round.

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Christmas in July Decorations

The best place to start when thinking about decorating for any time of the year is our Inspiration Gallery.  We have a huge range of Christmas In July Decorating ideas and inspiration. 

You don't need to spend a lot of time decorating - you can create a warm and welcoming festive vibe with a few key decor pieces. Our top picks are:

• Bring a Little Christmas Cheer to any room with Table Top Trees
• Create a Warm Christmas Welcome at Your Front Door with Christmas Wreaths and Personalised Plaques
• Snap a Bon Bon and Crack a Joke
• Create a Festive Tablescape with a Christmas Table Runner
• Get into the Christmas Spirit with a Framed Christmas Print – FREE Poster Downloads
• Set a Merry Mood with Fairy Lights
• Create a Fabulous Christmas Floral Arrangement using Flowers, Sprays and Picks

Why Celebrate Christmas in July?

Christmas in July, also known and Yuletide or Yulefest, allows those of us in the Southern Hemisphere to celebrate Christmas in the coolness of our winter and enjoy all the trimmings of a traditional winter Christmas.

Christmas in July celebrations are a great opportunity to:

• get together with family and friends in a quieter time of the year
• organise a business event for clients or your team
• enjoy a traditional winter Christmas feast
• dress up in your ugly Christmas Sweater or have a fun festive dress up party
• start getting ready for Christmas in December!

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas in July including a small and intimate lunch, a large dinner with family and friends, a trivia night with work colleagues, movie marathons with the kids, or even a festive dress-up party – all of which are sure to lift everyone’s spirits at the coldest time of the year.  We all know how hard pressed for time we are in December and how we struggle to really enjoy the Christmas season, festivities, food and games.  Celebrating Christmas in July provides a chance to enjoy every moment not to mention savour all traditional winter Christmas foods like hot roast meats and steamed plum puddings that are perfect for the cold winter months.

What date do we Celebrate Christmas in July on?

Christmas in July can be celebrated anytime in July however ideally it is celebrated on July 25thor the weekend as close as possible to that. But if that weekend doesn’t suit you, don’t let it stop you, pick the best weekend for you and get your Christmas cheer happening.

Christmas in July Party Ideas

Christmas in July is a great time for adults and kids to have fun! Some of our favourite indoor Christmas in July games and party are;

• Christmas Karaoke – make a playlist of your favourite Christmas songs and print off the words, which can be easily downloaded from the internet, then simply put each guests name in a hat and when it’s their turn they get to lead the sing along.

• Christmas Charades – make your own set Christmas inspired charade cards for a fun game that is sure to keep all you guests entertained.

• Christmas in July movie night – for a more laid back event, choose a few of your favourite Christmas movies, stock up on popcorn, malteesers and hot chocolate, throw some cushions on the floor and snuggle up for a cosy night in.

• Christmas Trivia – create a list of Christmas themed trivia questions and create teams to have a fun competition to keep the whole family entertained.

Get ready for (the real) Christmas, In July!

As well as hosting a Christmas in July party, it’s a great time to start planning for Christmas in December. You know all those great ideas you were inspired by last year and wanted to try but ran out of time, well now is the time to start on them!

Look up that board on Pinterest, dig out those magazine clippings and look up all the inspiring photos you took on your phone for the wonderful recipes, decorating inspirations and craft ideas that you really wanted to try, and get started! Check out The Christmas Cart Pinterest Boards.

And before you start on any new projects, July is a perfect time to take stock of what you already have. Get your Christmas decorations out and sort through them so that you can see what you need to update, donate, or up-cycle. 

The best thing about taking stock of your Christmas decorations early in the year is you have plenty of time to get organised and purchase Christmas gifts and ornaments online now, that way you will receive them in time for your Christmas in July party, and well-before Christmas time.

Don't forget The Christmas Cart has many unique decorations and gift ideas to help you decorate your home, so to have a look at our range of Christmas gifts. To purchase any of our products, have a look at our online shop.

And finally be sure to visit our Christmas blog for fun and unique Christmas decorating tips, recipes and laughs!

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