Personalised Christmas Gifts & Decorations

There’s something about Christmas gifting and decorating that instantly warms your heart - whether you’re the giver, the recipient, the decorator or even appreciating someone else’s decorating. Personalised Christmas gifts and decorations take the festive warm and fuzzies to a whole new level. Giving personalised Christmas gifts and decorations shows that you have taken the time to carefully plan and organise the gift specifically for that person, and it also creates a precious keepsake to be treasured for many years to come.

The Christmas Cart has an extensive range of Christmas gifts and decorations that are just perfect for personalisation. From baubles and tree decorations, to stockings and sacks, ornaments and home décor, bon bons and gifting - there are so many options available for you to find the idyllic personalised Christmas gifts and decorations for any occasion. It could be a few special pieces for family and loved ones, or a large order for staff gifts or a corporate function.

Discover all the wonderful personalised Christmas gifts and decorations that we have on offer. We’ve made it super easy for you to find the various types of gifts and decorations that you might be looking for. The trickiest thing that you’ll have to do, is to decide which pieces to get for yourself and which to gift to the special people in your life.

Personalised Christmas Baubles and Tree Decorations

Personalised Christmas baubles are a great way to make everyone in the family feel a little bit special - with their very own bauble on the tree.

With a range of colours and finishes available you are sure to find the perfect combination to suit your Christmas decorating style.

The versatility of baubles means that you don’t necessarily have to put them on the tree. Personalised Christmas baubles can also be used on the Christmas table as beautiful place holders that your guests can then also take home with them.

Personalised Tree Decorations are another fabulous way to make your Christmas tree extra special and these beautiful pieces can also be used as gorgeous gift tags too.

A name

Pet's name

Couple's names

Thank you

1st Christmas

Merry Christmas

Graduation message

Company name

Company logo

 Inspirational message

 Marry me

Forever in our hearts

Personalised Christmas Stockings & Sacks

Stockings and sacks are almost considered an essential item when it comes to Christmas gifting.
Not only are personalised Christmas stockings and personalised Christmas sacks a thoughtful and practical way to make sure there’s no confusion about which gifts belong to whom, they are so beautiful that they make amazing additions to your overall Christmas decorating theme in their own right.
Available in a wide range of colours, styles and materials, our personalised Christmas stockings and personalised Christmas sacks can be completed using a range of calligraphy materials and styles, making it easy for you to find just the right combination for each and every piece.

Personalised Christmas Ornaments & Décor

Personalised Christmas ornaments and décor are a great way to bring a personal touch to your Christmas decorating at home, or as an extra special gift to elevate someone else’s home or space.
Give a treasured personalised ornament or greet guests with a lovely festive Christmas message with a Personalised Christmas plaque.

Personalised Christmas Gifting

Embrace a beautiful festive tradition with stunning Personalised Christmas Eve Keepsake Boxes in a range of colours, materials and designs.

Make the packing and presentation of the gift just as wonderful as the gift itself with Personalised Christmas Gift Boxes and Name Tags.

Personalised Christmas Bon Bons and Place Cards

Create a memorable experience for your dinner guests with our range of gorgeous Personalised Christmas Bon Bons or Personalised Name Place Cards.

Personalised Christmas Volume Orders & Event Decorating

If you are hosting a big event - be it for family and friends or a corporate or club function - we offer volume order discounts on a wide selection of personalised Christmas items as well as decorations to adorn your space too.

Visit our Volume Order Discounts page to download our latest Personalised Christmas Gift Catalogue.

Explore The Christmas Cart website and discover our complete range of personalised Christmas gifts and Christmas decorating products. For more information or help with your order, call us on 1300 72 47 10 or email We are only too happy to help make your Christmas personal and special in every way.

Making Christmas Personal

Personalising a gift makes it extra special, it shows that you have taken the time to really think about the gift and care enough to order it in advance; this is a really touching gift for someone to receive. 

The Christmas Cart carfeully selects their Christmas baubles and ornaments to allow for a name or message to be added, making it a Christmas gift that will be treasured for many years to come. Each of our baubles are personalised by hand in glitter caligraphy, so our talented artists can complete any order - regardless of how obscure the name or message is!

Personalised Christmas Baubles

Here are some ideas for what to write on a bauble.

 Bauble with a Name  Bauble with Pet's name  Couples names on bauble
A name Pet's name Couple's names
 Thank You Christmas Bauble  1st Christmas  Merry Christmas Bauble
Thank you 1st Christmas Merry Christmas
 Graduation Bauble  Company Name Bauble  
 Graduation message  Company name  Company logo
 Inspirational Message Bauble  Marry Me Bauble  Forever in our hearts - The Christmas Cart
 Inspirational message  Marry me  Forever in our hearts


Personalised Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

We also personalise a range of ornaments, stockings and even bon bons.

 Christmas Reindeer Plaque Ornament  Christmas Santa Stocking Ornament  Personalised Christmas Stocking
 Personalised Christmas ornament - The Christmas Cart  Personal Pet Christmas Ornament - The Christmas Cart



Our personalised gifts are perfect for loved ones, friends, colleagues, and for marking special occasions. Buy now at our online Christmas shop or visit  one of our many Christmas stores as it gets closer to Christmas time to view our wide range of personalised products.

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