Christmas Colour Scheme Inspiration

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Decorating for Christmas is all about creating a visual feast! And one of the core ways to really make an impact is through the use of colour. No matter what your colour preference, there is plenty of Christmas colour scheme inspiration to guide you.

Whether you are drawn to the traditional Christmas colours of red and green, prefer the elegance of pastels, gold and silver or any colours of the rainbow in between, there is Christmas colour scheme inspiration to help you create a Christmas decorating theme featuring the colour, or colours, of your choice.

Christmas Colour Schemes inspire Christmas Themes & Styles

Once you know which Christmas colour scheme you want to focus on, that can very easily lead you to discover a range of Christmas decorating themes or styles that utilise that particular colour, or set of colours. Seeing your colour choices as part of a wider theme or style is a great way to spark your inspiration and get you started building the visual feast that we talked about earlier. You might choose to copy everything about a particular theme or style, or take inspiration from one or more and combine ideas together to create your own unique Christmas decorating masterpiece.


Traditionally Inspired 

Traditionally inspired Christmas colour schemes start with the timeless and vibrant colour palette of red and green. 

From there, add touches of gold or navy blue for an elegant and luxurious Christmas decorating style.

Take things in a different direction and create a cozy and homely vibe by adding black and white or natural and rustic elements such as timber, berries, pinecones and woodland creatures to inject lots of beautiful texture and tell interesting stories.

Discover all the possibilities for traditionally inspired Christmas colour schemes and Christmas decorating by visiting our Inspiration Gallery. We’ve showcased a little of the Traditional Christmas and Rustic Farmhouse Christmas collections here, but there is much more to explore and inspire!


Bold & Bright

A big part of many Christmas celebrations is the pure joy that the festive season brings. While we often see the joy pretty clearly on the faces of the special little people in our lives, there is no doubt that people of every age love embracing the joy of Christmas.

Bright colourful Christmas colour schemes and decorations are an instant way to bring lots of smiles and fun vibes to your home.

There’s usually still plenty of red and green to be found in a bright and fun Christmas decorating theme, but there is so much more too.

Candy cane stripes, cheeky elves and gingerbread characters mix with softer tones of pastel pink, mint and baby blue to create endless amounts of fun and interesting features that are sure to warm everyone’s hearts.

For the ultimate injection of colour, why not throw the Christmas decorating rule book out the window (not that there actually is one!) and experiment with all the colours of the rainbow!

Head to our Inspiration Gallery and be inspired by the Bright Fun Christmas Decorating collections that we have created to share with you.


Pretty Pastels

Pretty pastel colours and shades may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Christmas colour schemes, but it is a trend that is certainly growing in popularity each year.

More and more people are discovering the elegant and feminine beauty of decorating for Christmas with a soft pastel palette.

Soft pinks feature heavily, combined with touches of shimmering silver, antique gold, highlights of deep plum and hints of sage and pastel blue to create gorgeous Christmas collections that are anything but traditional.

Take a look at our Pastel Christmas Decorating Ideas to see how you can break from tradition and decorate for a beautifully soft pastel Christmas.


White Winter Wonderland

We might live in the wrong hemisphere for snow in December but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own white Christmas!

Turn your home into a magical winter wonderland with a palette of sparkling silver, crisp white, gorgeous grey and delicately soft sage. 

Be sure to add snow-tipped trees, shimmering snowflakes and gorgeous deers to complete your white Christmas wonderland.


Christmas in Any (and Every!) Colour

As you can see, there are so many Christmas colour schemes to choose from. There really are no rules or expectations about how, and what, your Christmas decorating should look like, only those that you put on yourself. 

So what are you waiting for? Head to our Inspiration Gallery now to find your favourite Christmas colour scheme or Christmas decorating theme and then shop everything that you need to bring it to life in The Christmas Cart’s online store.

Happy decorating!