Inspired to create a beautiful table centrepiece for our Sugar Plum Christmas Collection we searched for a way that we could make a stylish Christmas Table Centrepiece in a cost-effective way. The result is this stunning Rose Gold Christmas Table Centrepiece Mirror Tray and here’s how we did it.


A visit to one of our favourite stores a.k.a. Kmart as well as Bunnings, and armed with our trusty hot glue gun, we came up with an easy way for anyone to add a bit of style to their Christmas table.

What you’ll need for this project is;

  • 1 x adhesive wall mirror
  • 6 x flat cupboard handles
  • Spray paint
  • Spray Adhesive & Glitter (optional)
  • Paper
  • Painters Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun

We used the Diana Self Adhesive Mirror from Kmart.  We purchased our handles from Bunnings, they are 40mm Square Round Knob from Prestige. It’s important that the handles you use as the feet have a flat base so that the tray is level.  It’s possible that you could use only 4 handles, but to ensure that the tray doesn’t bow in the bow in the middle we recommend using 6.

The first step is to mask off the mirror to protect it from any overspray.  Then spray paint the frame and the handles.

We chose to paint our mirror frame Rose Gold but of course this Table Centrepiece Mirror Tray could be painted in any colour to coordinate with your Christmas décor.

The Rose Gold finish looks beautiful as it is, but for those looking for a little extra glam, why not add a coat of adhesive spray and glitter.

Let the paint completely dry and the glitter set, then turns it over and using your hot glue gun fix the handles to the base of your mirror, one in each corner. If you are using 6 handles, fix the other two to the centre of each of the long edges. Finally, turn it over and add a little weight to the top of the mirror as the hot glue cools to ensure the handles set firmly.

Now it’s time for the really fun part!  Style your Christmas Table Centrepiece Mirror Tray with an array of candles and Christmas ornaments to suit your décor.  Think glamorous reindeers and cute squirrels, maybe some nutcrackers and artificial snow.

And there you have yourself a beautiful mirror table tray to adorn your Christmas table.

We’d love to see your beautiful table centrepieces so be sure to tag us on Insta @thechristmascartau or email us at so we can enjoy and share in your Christmas decorating adventures!

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