If you're still searching for some Christmas menu inspiration, then look no further. We've gathered together our favourite picks, as featured in the Countdown to Christmas 2019, to cover everything that you'll need on the big day. There's refreshing drinks, easy entertainers, sensational salads, traditional roasts and delicious desserts to create your perfect merry menu.

Celebrate with Christmas Cocktails

The festive season usually calls for a celebratory drink or two. Whether you like Christmas cocktails of the alcoholic variety, or prefer a fruity and refreshing drink without the "secret ingredients" we've gathered some delicious beverages you're sure to enjoy. Quite perfectly, they are all shades of green and red, so not only do they taste amazing, but they look the part too.

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Cheesy Christmas Entertaining Delights

When it comes to Christmas entertaining, or any form of entertaining really for that matter, cheese and crackers is usually a fail-safe, crowd favourite found at many festive events. But that doesn't have to be as good as it gets.

We are certainly not saying that there is no longer a place at the table for the humble cheese and crackers (you don't mess with a sure thing). But with so many delicious cheeses available and even more creative ways that you can serve them, why not try something a little different this year and give these delicious cheesy Christmas delights ago?

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Summer Salads for the Christmas Table

Christmas Day in this lovely part of the world is usually on the warmer end of the temperature scale and that means salads and barbecues often tend to be the Christmas meals of choice over the more traditional hot, baked options.

Here's a selection of some delicious summer salads that will make the perfect addition to your Christmas table on a sunny and warm December day, the 25th day to be exact!

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Traditional Turkey with a Twist

If you are looking for a way to re-ignite your love affair with what some might call a "well-worn" tradition of Christmas turkey, then this Traditional Turkey with a Twist might just do the trick.

The delightful "twist" is that it features two (yes, you read that right, two!) different stuffings.

There's a delightful apple-rice stuffing for the usual spot that stuffing goes, and then there's an indulgent ricotta-herb stuffing that goes under the skin. Oh wow! My tastebuds are watering just thinking about all those amazing flavours.

Whoever said that turkey was off the Christmas menu obviously hasn't tried this. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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Get Some Christmas Pork on Your Fork

A plump, juicy roast sitting atop the dinner table is sure to have most people salivating, eagerly awaiting the carving, with their plates at the ready. While roasts are often a popular menu choice for Christmas Day menu's there are many other ways to enjoy delicious meats as well.

Check out our selection of yummy pork recipes and try something a little different at your place this Christmas. Give a twist to your favourite roast, get your fingers sticky with some ribs or maybe take a lighter approach with a salad (it leaves more room for dessert!)

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4 Delicious Ways to Decorate Pavlova

Pavlovas are a popular inclusion on many Australian Christmas tables. While fruit is usually the most common pavlova topping of choice, that's certainly not the only option. Imagine pavlovas topped with caramel syrup, flaked chocolate, Nutella or even freckles and hundreds and thousands. Broaden your pavlova horizons and try these delicious ideas!

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Have a Sweet Christmas with Candy Canes

Sweet and sticky candy canes are a super-popular Christmas treat.

While most people (especially the kids!) are probably content enough to enjoy candy canes al-la-natural, there's so much more you can do with the little red-and-white-striped delights. These deliciously festive recipes all feature candy canes and are sure to be a big hit.

Can you trust yourself to not eat the main ingredient before you get to actually try the recipes?!

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