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Make and Create: Silver and Sage Christmas – Set of 3 Glitter Star Trays

As a popular and well-recognised symbol of Christmas, It’s hard to go past sparkly stars as part of any Christmas décor style. Whilst you’ll definitely see stars atop many Christmas trees there’s so many other ways you can feature them.

In our latest craft project, we show you how easy it is to decorate a versatile set of 3 star trays, and how amazing they look when you’re done! We wanted to make sure that each edge and face of all three starts was a different colour so it doesn’t matter which way you use them, they are interesting and fun to style with. But this is just one way that you can colour and style them. Feel free to get creative and change it up to match your Christmas style and colour palette.

Now, when it came to writing the instructions we felt it was easier to create steps that referred to each size of the stars (small, medium and large) at each step of the way, so then you knew you were on the right track.  We hope you find these easy to follow along, so here we go;

Step 1

Small Star – No taping required, just leave to one side for now.
Medium Star – Tape Top Edge close to the inside edge.
Large Star – Tape Inside and Outside Edge covering them completely.  You may need to use two strips of tape to cover the depth of the edges.


Step 2

Small Star – Paint Base, Inside, Top and Outside Edges with Black Paint
Medium Star – Paint Base and Inside Edge with White Paint
Large Star – Paint Base and Top Edge with Silver Glitter Paint

Step 3

Small Star – Leave to one side for now to completely dry.
Medium Star – Remove tape on top edge and re-tape it but this time putting the tape very close to the outside edge. Then tape off base.  Tip – Trace around the small star and cut out about 1cm wide to get a near perfect fit for the base for the medium star.
Large Star – Remove tape from inside and outside edges. Nothing else needed, just leave to one side for now.

Step 4

Small Star – Nothing required.
Medium Star – Paint Outside Edge with Silver Glitter paint and leave to dry.  When the outside edge is dry, remove the paper and tape from bottom and top edge
Large Star – Nothing required.

Step 5

Cut Glitter Foam for each star by tracing around each star.
Small Star – Silver Glitter Foam
Medium Star – Black Glitter Foam
Large Star – White Glitter Foam

Using spray adhesive fix the glitter foam to each base.

That’s it!

You now have a set of 3 beautiful sparkly stars. Each edge and face is a different colour so it doesn’t matter which way you use them, stacked, flat lay or inside of each other they will all have a different colour.

We’d love to see your beautiful set of stars so be sure to connect with us via Insta, Facebook and Pinterest as we would love to be part of your in your Christmas decorating adventures!