The Christmas Cart

  1. Left over Turkey? Make a festive Croque-Monsieur

    No doubt, we are all very familiar with the practice of eating leftovers for days after the Christmas festivities are over. And why shouldn't we? We worked so hard to pull it all together in the first place and we definitely don't want to waste it, but the same meal for days can certainly get a little boring. Continue reading
  2. Creative Storage Tips for Your Christmas Decorations

    You know the Christmas season is really over when you’re taking down the Christmas Tree. While it's definitely not the most exciting part of the season, the process of meticulously packing away your festive treasures is still pretty important. We have put together a few tips to help with the clean up to ensure that your precious pieces are well looked after until you need them again next year. Continue reading
  3. The Night Before Christmas: To Do List

    Before the Christmas celebrations kick into full swing the next day, Christmas Eve is really the time to check that list twice. Here are our Christmas Eve tips to help you celebrate Christmas without a hitch. Continue reading
  4. Final Touches for Your Christmas Décor

    The tree is glistening and the stockings are hung. The table is set and the presents are wrapped. You've got all the basics covered. But how can you bring something a little extra to your meticulously planned Christmas décor? The secret to creating a truly amazing Christmas atmosphere is to tantalise all the senses, not just the visual. Continue reading
  5. Simple Ways to Make Your Place Special for Christmas

    Decorating your home for Christmas doesn't need to be an overwhelming task. With a few key pieces or focal areas you can quickly and easily transform your humble abode into a festive Christmas home. Continue reading
  6. Top Secret Santa Gifts

    Secret Santa is a westernised tradition where members of a group participate in a Christmas gift-giving exercise to share in the spirit of Christmas. It is especially popular in workgroups and large families but is now growing in popularity among friendship and social groups too. Because socks and jocks are never a well-received (or appropriate) Christmas gift from Secret Santa...
  7. How To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

    As much as you might be trying to convince yourself otherwise, there is no denying that Christmas is on it's way...and very soon! With carols blasting in every shop, decorations up across the city and the school year coming to an end, our advice (obviously) is to give up the resistance well and truly embrace it. Continue reading
  8. Twist on a Classic: Salted Caramel Eggnog

    Christmas time is a great opportunity to indulge in many delicious wares, and that certainly includes beverages. While the tradition of having eggnog at Christmas may not be to everyone's liking, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere, this tasty twist on the classic recipe could very easily become a crowd favourite. Loaded with delicious sweet and savoury flavours, salted caramel eggnog is the one drink you MUST try this festive season. And as an added bonus you can whip it up in around 15 minutes! Leaving more time to enjoy the festivities. Continue reading
  9. Create a Beautifully Blush Christmas

    The subtle use of blush pink is a gorgeous trend in all things interior design at the moment. The selection of soft, delicate tones can also be used to create a beautiful, contemporary and very special Christmas décor theme. Here’s how you can create a beautifully blush Christmas. Continue reading
  10. Seven Interesting Facts (You Probably Didn’t Know) About Christmas

      More than two billion people around the world consider Christmas to be the most important holiday of the year. But do they all know the facts and figures of this merry celebration? Here’s some interesting Christmas facts that might surprise you (and they’re sure to make great for great conversation topics at your countless festive functions in the coming weeks!) Continue reading

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