The Christmas Cart

  1. Add Festive Décor to Your Workplace

      Many of us will spend a majority of the time leading up to Christmas at work. So, why not take the festive cheer to work with you with some of these fun Christmas décor ideas. Continue reading
  2. Top Tips to Prepare Your Christmas Feast in Advance

      Preparing Christmas lunch or dinner is no menial task! We all want to avoid the stress and rush of trying to deliver an entire Christmas feast with all the trimmings while our guests are milling around relaxing and entertaining themselves. The secret is to plan ahead to ensure that you give yourself enough time get the food on the table as well as catch up with family and enjoy a festive beverage or two. Whether you’re having an intimate dinner for 5, or a buffet lunch for 35, these tips are sure to help your Christmas Day run smoothly. Continue reading
  3. DIY Christmas Chandelier Inspiration

    There is something extra special about a beautifully crafted Christmas chandelier. Sitting front and centre there above the Christmas table, it radiates everything magical about Christmas. The good news is you don’t need to spend a fortune on a chandelier of your own. A little bit of Christmas DIY does the trick just fine. Here is some Christmas DIY chandelier inspiration to get you started. Continue reading
  4. Make and Create: Burlap, Bells and Birds Hessian Placemats

    Create your own stylish placemats to compliment your Burlap, Bells and Birds theme with this super simple craft project. Our hessian craft sheets are the perfect size to make 2 placemats. And the best thing is that there's no sewing required, so you don't need to be a seamstress for this one! Watch this video and see how to do...
  5. How to Create Beautiful Gifts from Your Santa Photos

    Christmas is a time for making and sharing memories. And one of the most popular ways to create memories to savour for many years to come are annual Santa photos. With all the effort that it takes to get the kids ready, stand in the queue and bribe them to behave and hopefully smile ;) it’s well worth preserving those precious memories in more than just a standard printed picture. They are only young once right?! Continue reading
  6. Deliciously Festive Drinks

    No Christmas celebration is complete without some yummy drinks. Step up your festive drink game this year with these 3 delicious drinks to get your guests into the Christmas spirit. Continue reading
  7. How to Create a Burlap, Bells and Birds Christmas Theme

    There are so many exciting Christmas décor trends and themes to experiment with and inspire your Christmas decorating, no matter your taste or style. For some of us, it is hard to go past the traditional colour palette of red and green. Continue reading
  8. Watch How We Created Burlap, Bells and Birds Theme

    Our Burlap, Bells and Birds collection is warm, inviting and universally appealing. Continue reading
  9. How to Create a Christmas Sparkle Theme

      What’s Christmas without a little bit of sparkle? And if you are partial to more than just a little sparkle, then our Christmas Sparkle collection is for you! Continue reading
  10. Watch How We Created Christmas Sparkle Theme

    The Christmas Sparkle collection is full of glamour, glitter and sparkle. Keeping to strict colour palette of silver and red we’ve added interest using a variety of textures and shapes. Continue reading

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