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Make and Create: Hygge Wall Art

The minimalist styling of our Hygge theme means that creating chic and cozy wall art is super simple. And there are plenty of ways that you can vary it to create something that is truly your own.

Make this Hygge Twig Window

You will need:

  • 1 x twig window
  • 2 x fir and pine cone sprays
  • 1 x small fluffy owl
  • floral or craft wire
  • natural string or twine


  1. Attach a length of natural string or twine to the two top corners of the window. Make sure it is secure as you will use this to hang your wall art. 
  2. Arrange the sprays and owl (or other items you have selected) on the window and attach them with floral or craft wire.
  3. Hang your gorgeous wall art and enjoy the Hygge feeling. It’s that simple! 

The twig window, sprays and owl used in this piece are all available in our online store and this is just one idea to get you started. There are plenty of floral picks, sprays and ornaments available that you could use. Visit our Hygge Inspiration Gallery to shop our selection of everything Hygge and create your own Hygge Twig Window..


Create a Hygge Gallery Wall

When designing our Hygge theme, one thing that we all agreed on was how much we loved our Hygge Gallery Wall. The simple shapes and natural textures really make you feel right at home.We made this from a range of inexpensive frames – the kind you find at IKEA or Kmart, some of our Hygge Christmas decorations and our Hygge Poster, which you can find in our Hygge Inspiration Gallery.

Get creative and have some fun bringing the joy of a Hygge Christmas to your home.