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  1. Christmas in July kids parties

    Christmas Movie Kids Christmas - The Christmas Cart

    This July school holiday why host a Christmas in July party just for the kids. Kids love Christmas, so they will be more than happy to participate; this is also a great birthday party theme for kids born in July! Here is some great Christmas in July party ideas to add a touch of magic to your child’s next party.

  2. Which quote from which Christmas movie?

    Christmas movie collage - The Christmas Cart


    We thought we’d have some fun with a little trivia for all of the movie buffs out there! Below are quotes from some of our favourite Christmas movies – can you guess which quote came from which movie? Bonus points if you can guess the character’s name correctly!

  3. Christmas in July is all about the kids

    Christmas in the heart quote - The Christmas Cart


    Let’s face it: Christmas is all about the children! In this edition, we’ve thought of some brilliant ways to keep those cheeky munchkins entertained these school holidays with some fun Christmas in July activities. Whether you are entertaining 10 people or 100, now is the time to start thinking about how you are going to keep the crowd fed and amused.

  4. Interesting Christmas facts for kids!

    Twelve Days of Christmas - The Christmas Cart


    Here are some fun Christmas facts to keep the kids amused..

  5. Childrens Christmas Games

    Kids Christmas Games - The Christmas Cart


    Christmas in July just isn’t Christmassy without some fun and merry games for the kids. Our fun-loving fairies have compiled their favourite games to keep the young ones (and even a few of the adults) entertained!

  6. Christmas Printable: Pin the Nose on Rudolph!

    Pin the Nose on Rudolph Printable - The Christmas Cart

    What is a Christmas in July party without some fun Christmas games? This week’s free Christmas in July printable is for a fun printable template for Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph! This is an inexpensive option that is guaranteed to keep the kids entertained and shaking with laughter!

  7. How to get the perfect roast for your main meal

    Roast Christmas Tturkey - The Christmas Cart

    Now that winter has arrived, we Australians are able to better enjoy a nice roast, and what better excuse for this than a Christmas in July feast? The elves here at The Christmas Cart have put together a list of their favourite recipes for the perfect Christmas roast. Don’t forget if you are buying meat to put an order in with your butcher early so as not to miss out.

  8. Creating a wonderful Christmas (in July) table

    Christmas Table Setting Purple and Black - The Christmas Cart


    A wonderful Christmas themed table for your Christmas in July feast can really help to create that magically merry atmosphere in your home. Here are some of our elves favourite ideas for decorating the table this Christmas in July:

  9. Christmas in July Fun Facts: Christmas Mistletoe


    We have all heard of Christmas mistletoe and some have even fallen victim to the tradition that surrounds it. Mistletoe is a peculiar plant which often grows on other trees and shrubs with white berries. There are plenty of legends and traditions surrounding mistletoe, but the most famous and popular is the belief that kissing under the mistletoe leads to marriage.

  10. Christmas Music as a decoration!


    Christmas Music is an important "decoration" and mood setter for your Christmas party. It can be fun and lively, sensual and sultry, or upbeat and happy – choosing the right music for your Christmas in July party is just as important as any other physical Christmas decorations you may have for your venue.

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