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Chocolate Treats: Our Pinterest Picks

Easter is quick approaching but there is no need to work hard for hours on end to create delicious sweet treats. We bring you our top 5 Pinterest picks for fun and easy Easter chocolate treats that anyone can make.

Cheats 15 Minute Chocolate Overload Easter Cake

No baking required! Simply created with store bought items and curated beautifully for a show-stopping centrepiece.

Source: Pinterest.com

Cheesecake Filled Easter Eggs

These no bake treats will have everyone intrigued. Filed with a delicious passionfruit based cheesecake to create a faux looking egg.

Source: Pinterest.com

Easter Bunny Shake

Take a classic milkshake to the next level with this adorable shake served in a chocolate Easter bunny. Garnish with sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate or ice cream for an eye-catching delight.

Source: Pinterest.com

Chocolate Egg Eater Nests

A quick and easy recipe that only takes minutes to make. What’s not to love about that? Characterise the mini eggs with faces for a cute spin on this Easter nest.

Source: Pinterest.com

Easter Chocolate Bark

Here is the crowd-pleaser of desserts for your Easter feast perfect for sharing and even placing in Easter baskets as gifts. Add any decorative sweets on top for a gorgeous looking Easter bark and an even more irresistible taste.

Source: Pinterest.com