The Christmas Cart

  1. Christmas time saving tips!

    Create a fun and memorable Christmas Eve family tradition by putting together a surprise Christmas Eve box for the kids! The best thing about these boxes is you are free to place whatever you like, and since you are starting early, you can still pick up special offers and promotions in your favourite stores – so it won’t blow your Christmas budget.

  2. Christmas Cooking - Bake now, eat later!

    Have you thought about your Christmas Day menu? We know Christmas is 100 days to away, but getting organised and ticking the small tasks off your lists saves you plenty of stress in the long run!

  3. Fun DIY Christmas Decorations!

  4. WIN the Ultimate Christmas Day!

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    It has been another fun and busy year for us as we plan for the 2013 Christmas season. We have some exciting new products, an improved website for a better online shopping experience as well as new locations for our Christmas stores that will open as we get closer to Christmas.

  5. Christmas in July Printable: Merry Christmas Bunting

    Light up any room and say it in style with a fun and unique Merry Christmas bunting banner! Great as a backdrop to some fun party photos.

  6. Fun Facts: How to say “Merry Christmas” in different languages

    Christmas is a time for sharing the love and raising the spirit, and Christmas in July is no different! Spread the Christmas in July love to some international pals this year with our fun list of different ways to say Merry Christmas!

  7. Christmas in July Musical Games

    Children holding Christmas gifts

    Are you in need of some fun Christmas in July party games? Our fun-loving Christmas Elves have compiled a few fun Christmas-themed games that everyone is able to participate in and have fun together.

  8. Juggling your Christmas in July fridge space

    refrigerator full of healthy food. fruits and vegetables

    Are you dreading having to juggle the fridge space? Our Glitter Fairies have found some helpful and functional tips on how to best juggle the fridge space if you are self-catering for your Christmas in July party! The week leading up to your Christmas in July party put your family on a mission: eat everything out of the fridge and freezer that is perishable and not being used for the party, thus freeing up fridge space. This saves you both space AND money, you aren't throwing anything away and you get creative with cooking up innovative dishes!

  9. Avoid Christmas in July decoration disasters!

    Elegantly lit  holiday dinner table with white ribboned gift

    To avoid last minute decorations disasters, our Christmas Elves find it useful to write up a list of all the decorations you currently have and what you are missing. Take an inventory of your hanging supplies such as sticky tape and double sided tape, blutac, pins, clips and fishing lines that you may need to hang up your decorations – this is so you are prepared and it will lessen the likelihood of rushing out at the last minute to purchase forgotten items.

  10. Christmas in July is just around the corner!

    The Christmas Cart and Milestones 2 Memories will be hosting our own party on 27 July and we can’t wait! We hope you have been following along with our 12 Weeks to a Christmas in July Planner - how did it go for you? Our Christmas in July party Dress Up party with some games and trivia thrown in to keep us all entertained. We can’t wait to see what everyone will be wearing!