The Christmas Cart

  1. Free Download: Christmas in July Invitation template!


    What is a party without some invitations to send to your guests? In this issue we have a fun Christmas in July Invitation template for our readers to download and kick off their event in style!

  2. Christmas in July: Delicious Christmas Desserts


    Some of the greatest bakers in the world test out their recipes in advance. With school holidays so near and with a few extra hands on deck to help out, now is the perfect time to do a dry run of your Christmas in July recipes – not to mention the kids get to enjoy the treats afterwards!

  3. Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose this Christmas in July!

    July is the perfect time to pull out all of your messy Christmas decoration boxes and sort them out. If storage space is any issue for you, why not reduce it by sorting out which ones to keep and which to donate to a local op shop. Getting the kids to help is a great way to reinforce to children that giving to the less fortunate is a big part of the Christmas spirit, even in July!.

  4. Christmas in July: Let the festivities begin!

    Christmas Work Party

    Having a theme for your party makes it that extra bit special, it’s more fun for you and your guests. The kid inside us loves to dress up, let our hair down and let loose! Christmas in July is a great opportunity to host a fundraiser and to give back to the community.

  5. Free Download: Christmas in July Event Planner

    12 Weeks to the Perfect Christmas in July Event Planner

    The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of giving! Over the next few weeks we will be giving away a little bit of Christmas cheer to all our readers! In this edition, we have a fun (and free!) downloadable 12 Weeks to the Perfect Christmas in July Event Planner to help you organise the perfect Christmas in July event!

  6. Christmas in July: Fun Facts!

    Santa at window

    We have all heard about Christmas in July, but where did this tradition come from? It is believed that the custom started in McMurdo Station in Antarctica because of the midwinter July supply drops. As the temperatures and conditions were far too cold and dangerous for the military planes to land, the planes would soar by overhead and drop packages that contained fresh food, mail and other supplies down onto the ice. The sudden arrival of packages in the dead of winter naturally made people associate it to a visit from Santa himself, hence the Christmas in July celebration.

  7. Christmas in July is coming!

    Christmas Table Setting

    Our Christmas elves are well rested and ready for their second favourite holiday of the year – Christmas in July!

  8. Christmas in July: Five Fabulous Entrees!

    Christmas Turkey Spring Rolls

    If you are planning on self-catering for your party, now is the time to start thinking about your menu for your Christmas in July event. Our glitter fairies are food enthusiasts and have five fabulous entrees to suit all taste buds!

  9. Christmas in July: Planning your Christmas in July Event

    Christmas Table Setting

    Before selecting your venue you should decide what type of event you want to host – this will help you to determine the size and capacity you require. Will it be a fun and exciting dress up party, movie night, or a formal event? Once the type of Christmas in July party is chosen you can then choose the venue.

  10. What to do with your Christmas leftovers

    We are all guilty of over preparing for our Christmas feast. Here are some great ideas to put them to good use in the days after.

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