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All Wrapped Up in Christmas Wrapping

The stockings are hung, the meals are planned, and the Christmas tree is up. If you’re lucky (or perhaps not so much lucky, but rather super organised!), the gift shopping is all done too.

As you prepare to set about carefully wrapping each well thought out gift, we wanted to share some of our favourite Christmas wrapping inspiration and tips.


You’ve put plenty of time and effort into the gifts but more often than not, it’s the wrapping that makes the all-important first impression. Whether you’re wrapping to co-ordinate and enhance your Christmas décor, or to strike a chord with the recipient, there are so many ways you can make an impact with your Christmas wrapping.

Continue the theme

Extend your festive creativity and let yourself be truly inspired by Christmas by co-ordinating your gift wrapping with your chosen Christmas décor. This approach can look truly look amazing, both when the gifts are en-masse under the tree and also when they are delivered individually.


Find out more about Interesting Ways to Wrap your Christmas Gifts and don’t forget to check out our Inspiration Gallery for many more themed Christmas wrapping and decorating ideas.

DIY wrapping paper

A fun activity you can get the whole family involved in is creating DIY wrapping paper. Get your creativity flowing and use a combination of stamps, stickers, and ribbon to create something extra special. This is a great one to get the kids involved too. You could even use artworks and drawings that they have created throughout the year. They serve as both the wrapping and part of the gift too! Check out some other ideas for creative Christmas gift wrapping.

Decorate your gift

Wrapping a gift is about so much more than choosing the paper. Create a truly unique and special gifting experience by finishing off your wrapping with a co-ordinated floral, spray or pick, a small Christmas decoration or a beautiful personalised name tag.


Think outside the “box”

You can also make beautiful looking gifts without adding too many embellishments and adornments.

Think about how you can find and use alternatives to standard ribbon options to dress up your Christmas wrapping. See what you can create with fabrics such as hessian, tissues or lace. Or try using decorative tape or carefully cut or folded contrasting paper, arranged and wrapped on the box to look like ribbon.


Making an impact with your gift-giving, from the outside as well as inside, doesn’t need to be a complex and overwhelming task. In fact, striking simplicity is often key to creating gorgeous wrapped gifts that anyone would be delighted to receive.

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