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Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Giving the wow factor to your Christmas gifts begins with amazing Christmas wrapping. Create a dramatic first impression and impress your lucky gift recipients this year with these fabulous Christmas gift wrapping inspiration and ideas.

By the time you finish your Christmas shopping, Christmas wrapping is often a last-minute effort. But, if you really want to impress your giftees this year, start right there on the outside!

Creative Christmas wrapping can add value to a gift as well as show your special someone how much you really care. What’s more, our Christmas wrapping ideas can help get you out of a pickle if you run out of Christmas paper (and we have all done that before!).

So, get ready to be inspired with these creative Christmas wrapping ideas.

Make It Personal

It is always nice to receive a personalised gift. Knowing that your gift giver has gone the extra effort to source an item featuring your name or a personal message makes you feel extra special. When it comes to Christmas wrapping why not generate some of that special feeling by personalising the wrapping too.

Here are a few quick and crafty ideas for personalised Christmas wrapping:

1. Add our hand-made personalised gift tags with glitter calligraphy for that extra special touch.

2. Personalise the gift by using the first letter of your giftee’s name. Cut out that letter from cardboard to decorate and attach to plain Christmas wrapping. Craft stores also sell letters you can use for this idea instead.

Source: Pinterest.com

Above are some giant letters crafted from cardboard and attached to plain paper to make simple yet effective, personalised Christmas wrapping.

3.Design and print your own personalised Christmas wrapping featuring a message of your choice, or your giftee’s name.

Go All Ornamental

Delightfully finished with extra TLC, add a Christmas tree decoration to the outside of your Christmas wrapping. Not only does this look oh-so-pretty, your giftee can use the decoration on their tree next Christmas. It’s like getting a bonus Christmas gift, and who wouldn’t be happy with that?

These super cute personalised tree decorations are just perfect for this idea. A beautiful ornament and gift tag all in one!

Source: Style Curator

Any Christmas Decoration Looks Amazing on a Gift!

Don’t stop your gift wrapping ideas with Christmas ornaments. Almost any Christmas decoration or adornment that you can think of will take your gift wrapping from ordinary to extraordinary! Think gorgeous little bells, sprigs of greenery and florals.

DIY Paper Flowers

Make a Christmas wrapping statement by crafting your own gorgeous flower from tissue paper. This Christmas wrapping decoration idea can be used for any type of gift. However, it works especially well at Christmas time with gold, silver and metallic colours.

Source: Hallmark

See how to do it on this video tutorial here.

Give the Gift of Christmas in a Jar

Who said that Christmas wrapping was limited to paper? Not us! This clever idea features the Christmas wrapping as part of the Christmas gift.

You can create mini spa packs, beverage packs such as hot chocolate with marshmallows or an infusion of cocktail or mocktail ingredients, cook-your-own brownie mixtures, or simple lolly or sweets jars. The options for using a jar as Christmas wrapping are many – the only limit is your imagination.

Source: Evermine

All Wrapped Up!

For another alternative to paper, trying wrapping your gifts in fabric. Upcycle an old piece of clothing into Christmas wrapping or use a brand-new piece to form part of the gift, like a tea towel or new t-shirt.

Select a square piece of fabric (or fold/cut it to size). Place your Christmas gift in the middle and tie the two opposite corners of the fabric together. Then tie the remaining two corners.

Once you are happy with the tie shape created, add some decorations and your gift tag.

Source: Buzzfeed

Reinvent the Humble Ribbon

A staple part of most Christmas wrapping is ribbon. But we are not talking about a roll of curling ribbon from the local discount shop. Thats not to say that creating amazing gifts with ribbon has to be an expensive exercise, we just want to get you thinking about how many other possibilities there are.

These beautifully wrapped gifts look so good you’d be forgiven for not wanting to open them at all! They use a clever combination of a strip of contrasting wrapping paper (folded to look like a wide ribbon) and hold it all together with a carefully selected length of string or decorative ribbon to achieve your desired look.

Use ribbons of different widths and textures to create unique and interesting gifts that are a real treasure to give and receive.

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