Have you chosen one of our Christmas decorating themes for this festive season? We hope you’ve found one that suits your home and your family! Whichever theme you’ve chosen, it doesn’t just have to inspire your tree, ornaments and mantel – it can also inspire the way you wrap your Christmas gifts.

Very Berry Christmas
Choose one roll of silver and one roll of red wrapping paper and wrap each of your gifts in either one coloured paper or the other. Once each of your gifts is wrapped, tie them all with twine. On the top of each gift, fasten a sprig of holly and red berries – these can be fresh or fake, depending on what you have on hand – and a personalised gift tag. If you want to add an extra sparkle to the gift, wind a small length of copper seed lights around the top of the gift in place of the holly.

Nordic Christmas
Nordic style is about simplicity and contrasting colour pallet. To add a Nordic theme to your gift wrapping this year, try using a simple white wrapping paper and use a medium-sized stamp to imprint your own Christmas tree outlines onto it in silver ink. Alternatively you can break up the white paper with thick strips of red wrapping paper with a simple Christmas motif printed across it – think Santa in his sleigh or a line of reindeer.

Vintage Christmas
To channel a French Vintage Christmas into your presents you’ll need some gold paper to wrap each gift, and some delicate lace to tie around each gift after they’ve been wrapped. Add some delicate decoration to each gift by fastening either a glass teardrop crystal or a small silver mercury bauble on top.

Woodland Christmas
Brown paper might not seem very festive but it’s perfect for a Woodland Christmas decorating theme. Spruce your gifts up after they’ve been wrapped by decorating them with pine branches and pine cones, tied to the gifts with twine. If you want to do something even more creative, make your own Santa sacks with burlap bags, tied with gold or tartan ribbon.

Coastal Christmas
Light blue and silver paper is perfect for Coastal Christmas themed wrapping. If you’re feeling crafty, take some time to paint snowflakes in silver glitter paint onto the silver wrapping paper for a subtle sparkle. Attach small bells or small, sea-themed decorations like starfish to the tops of each gift to finish them off.

Merry and Bright Christmas
Merry and Bright Christmas wrapping is perfect for kids presents! Use brightly coloured paper with bold geometric designs like polkadots or stripes to wrap your gifts, and add a different decoration to each – this could be a tree decoration, a hand-made craft snowflake or a gold or silver star cut out. Attach a large personalised gift tag to each gift and place them under the tree.

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