We've had so much fun gathering (and sampling!) the wide range of Christmas recipes that we shared with you this year. We hope that you found some inspiration for your Christmas table. In case you missed anything, we've gathered our top selections together in one place. From sweets to salads and beverages, it's your Christmas Recipe Go-To Guide. Enjoy!

Silly Season Sweets

Christmas is a special time of year when your sweet tooth is sure to get a good a work out.

Whipping up a batch of Christmas Gifts You Can Eat is the perfect way to tick two boxes at once - lovely gifts to give and a few treats for yourself too! If you love rocky road at any time of year, the festive season is chance to indulge guilt free. With so many rocky road variations to try, we've found these Rocky Road Recipes to Rock Your World. You better get started!

Christmas is also very much a time for family and making special Christmas memories. Christmas Cooking with the Kids is a great way to spend some quality time together during the busy festive season, and you get some yummy treats at the end of it too. Win, win!

For kids who are a little older, or the big kids in all of us, try these Delicious Christmas Cookie Recipes to Bake and Taste!

Divine Christmas Desserts

Some families have long-held traditions when it comes to serving Christmas dessert. Maybe it's Nanna's Christmas pudding or Aunty Jude's famous pavlova. But if you're looking for something a little different to add to your Christmas dessert menu this year, how about Amazing Christmas Cakes? Or if you want to change things up completely, we've got Christmas Dessert Ideas (that aren't pudding or cake).

For a respectful nod to tradition, but with a fresh approach, you might want to Reinvent your Christmas Pudding. We'll show you how.

The Main Event

The main meal shared on Christmas Day, whether it be lunch or dinner, can vary quite dramatically from one home to another. While some enjoy roast meat and veg, others prefer to tuck into a seafood platter or barbecue.

A warm Australian Christmas means that we're spoilt for choice when it comes to what to have on our Christmas menu. This Christmas, why not try these Uniquely Australian Christmas Lunch Ideas or Try Something New with Alternative Christmas Meat Meals.

Don't forget that it's not all about the main meal or meat dish. Compliment your dishes with Inspiring Seasonal Side Dish Selections.

And for some sure-fire crowd-pleasers to help you feed the hungry masses we've got Delicious Christmas Entertaining Recipe Inspiration.

Happily Hydrated

Christmas in Australia usually means we need to stay well hydrated too. Spread the Christmas cheer all the way to your drinking glass with these Cool Christmas Drinks. And it's no secret that most of us like to treat ourselves with a little bit of alcohol during the festive celebrations too. Get the party started with these Fun and Festive Drinks - Just for the Adults.

However you celebrate this year, and whoever you celebrate with, we hope that you have a Christmas season filled with plenty of love and laughter. After all, they are the primary ingredients for a perfect Christmas celebration.