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Beautiful Ways to Share Your Christmas Photos

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Don’t stash your Christmas photos away for another day. We show you how to make good use of all those festive happy snaps with our list of beautiful ways to share Christmas photos.

The annual trip to visit Santa Claus never gets old in my house. And I am fairly certain this is a Christmas tradition that I will be dragging my kids to every year until they leave home. But once Christmas is over, our festive season snaps and annual photos with Saint Nick usually pile up in a photo box, never to see the light of day again. Not anymore! No longer content with boxing up precious memories of Christmas magic, our team at The Christmas Cart have come up with some clever and interesting ways to share those Christmas photos instead.

From ways to share Christmas photos as gifts, to ways to share Christmas photos as part of the décor around the home. Following are some of our team’s favourite ways to share Christmas photos to ensure that they see the magic of day again.

The Christmas Cart’s top list of ways to share Christmas photos

Grab out your Christmas happy snaps and Santa photos and get creative with some of our beautiful ways to share Christmas photos.

#1 Christmas Photo Wallpaper Mural

As a fun and inexpensive way to share Christmas photos, and any other photos that are special to you, transform your photos into a fun wallpaper mural to stick to your wall, door, fridge or any other smooth surface in your home.

You can organise a photo wallpaper mural via various online suppliers. There is even a peel and stick option that works like a classic sticker and can be removed without leaving residue.

Image source: Etsy, The Wall Sticker Company

 To make the photo mural look extra festive, add some Christmas bows with floral and berry picks or decorations throughout the photos once they are on the wall. How fab is this idea!

#2 Christmas Photo Wall Art

Sharing Christmas photos doesn’t have to only include the photos. Use a combination of festive, decorative wall art displays or free Christmas downloads and add some table top trees or cute Christmas characters or animals to create a truly unique and vibrant way to share Christmas photos while also create a stunning décor feature in your home.

#3 Christmas Photo Tiles

Another great way to display and enjoy Christmas photos around your home is to create some 3D photo art. Use Christmas photos and ceramic tiles to create unique decorative pieces for your walls, personalised coasters, or even ceramic fridge magnets.

For the full DIY tutorial, take a look at Brit+Co, ways to create custom ceramic tiles.

Image sources: A Diamond in the Stuff, Snapfish

This is a great way to share Christmas photos for gifts too. When you are done making your photo tiles or coasters, tie them up with some Christmas ribbon to create a neat-looking gift pack.

If you are not feeling particularly crafty but still love the idea of Christmas photos on ceramic tiles, there are plenty of online retailers that will create it for you using your treasured Christmas photos that you supply.

#4 Christmas Photo Bunting

Bunting is not just for birthday parties; it is a fantastic way to share Christmas photos during the festive season too. Bunting automatically brings atmosphere into the home and is so easy to put up. Tie it from curtain rods, window frames or specially-mounted hooks. This way to share Christmas photos is completely portable and makes for a brilliant Christmas gift in the mail too.

Kmart have a photo bunting kit that is ideal for making your own personalised bunting. Or, you can design and order your printed photo bunting directly from online retailers such as Zazzle.

Image source: Kmart, Zazzle

Hang some Christmas tree decorations at either end of the bunting (or between your photos if they don’t weigh too much) to finish the job in perfect festive fashion.

#6 Christmas Photo Cards

A simple, but clever, cost-effect way to share Christmas photos is to create your own Christmas photo cards. Grab some Christmas craft bits and bobs and get creative. This is a simple, great way to get some leverage out of your Christmas happy snaps.

Image source: Moritz Fine Designs, Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories offer 2 designs of pre-made photo cards that allow you to add your images directly onto the card so you can easily share your Christmas photos and your Christmas wishes and messages too.

For some more inspiration, check out these 50 free holiday card templates.

#7 Christmas gift certificate

Create your own Christmas gift certificate for someone special as a clever way to share Christmas photos and create the perfect DIY Christmas gift.

Canva offers a free gift certificate maker to get you started. Choose a template, upload your photos, add your text and print. This is a great way to share Christmas photos with your nearest and dearest for something a little different and unexpected.

* Tip: for more DIY Christmas gift inspiration, take a look at our article, Christmas craft ideas to give as gifts.

This Christmas, don’t keep your Christmas happy snaps in the dark. Put them back in the spotlight with some clever and simple ways to share Christmas photos.

For plenty of Christmas inspiration and craft ideas, be sure to check out our online inspiration gallery and blog, full of thrifty tips and Christmas tricks.