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Christmas Craft Ideas To Give as Gifts

Get stuck into some Christmas craft with these fun and festive Christmas craft gift ideas from the gurus at The Christmas Cart.

One of the great things about Christmas is the opportunity to get your hands dirty (and sticky, and glittery, and covered in paint…) with fun and festive Christmas craft. And while there are plenty of personalised gifts available at retailers, nothing comes from the heart more than creatively curated Christmas craft gift ideas.

Regardless of skill set, there are plenty of Christmas craft gift ideas easy enough for beginners while still keeping the crafty talented amused. And even better, you can make your own Christmas craft gift ideas as elaborate or as laid-back as you like.

From pamper packs to homemade grazing delights and delightful décor, we have pulled together this clever list of Christmas craft gift ideas to help keep everyone on your Christmas list filled with festive joy this year. Because, for those who love to dig into the art of craft, nothing beats the accomplishment of putting a DIY Christmas gift or two under the tree.

The Christmas Cart’s special 7 Christmas craft gift ideas

For your friends, colleagues, family and everyone in between; we have fashioned this savvy list of 7 Christmas craft gift ideas to help get your creative juices in motion.

Christmas Craft Gift Ideas – Keepsake Boxes of Goodies

A personalised keepsake box makes the ideal base for many Christmas craft gift ideas because you can fill the box with just about anything that fits. And personalising a box just makes it even more special for your recipient.

Here are some Christmas craft gift ideas that we have come up with, using one of our gorgeous personalised keepsake boxes from The Christmas Cart.

Our friends at Gifts & Keepsakes also have a range of personalised suitcase keepsake boxes that are just perfect for housing your crafted gifts too.

#1 Homemade Jams and Other Yummy Treats

For this Christmas craft gift idea, lay some brown shredded paper or tissue paper into the base of a keepsake box. When the base is covered nicely, fill it with jars of tasty homemade jams and preserves (chutney, relish, etc).

Stores like Kmart and Target generally have mini preserve jars readily available. When you have cooked up your homemade yummies and filled the jars, finish them off with fabric, ribbon or a bow and a homemade label to display their contents. To make it look even more festive, add some Christmas florals, sprays or picks, or small Christmas tree decorations, into the box as well.

Image source: The Thoughtful Occasion, The Christmas Cart

You can go one step further and add some jars of dried fruits, nuts, and other snacks into the box too. Or, make up an “indulgence pack” with fudge, nougat, chocolate coated almonds and whatever else takes your fancy. 5 Minute Christmas Chocolate Bark would be the perfect inclusion.

The secret to this Christmas craft gift idea is in the presentation of the box (as well as the success of your cooking skills).

* Tip: see this link for a tutorial on how to make fabric jam jar covers.

#2 Tea Lover’s Delight

If you know someone who relishes in the goodness of a herbal tea or two; create them a tea lover’s box. As per the idea above, start by filling the base of your keepsake box with shredded brown paper or tissue paper. Then arrange on top little pouches filled with loose-leaf herbal teas with labels. We think this rustic, home-made touch makes this Christmas craft gift idea extra special.

Don’t forget to add in a personalised tea mug for your recipient. And you might also consider a tea infuser or tea leaf strainer as well.

Image source: Mommy Outside the Box, Gifts & Keepsakes

#3 The Crafter’s Box

This Christmas craft gift idea is exactly that – a gift idea for those who love to get crafty! You can create their very own keepsake crafter’s box.

Start by adding in some rolls of ribbon, craft scissors, pieces of coloured paper, Mod Podge glue, Christmas scatters, glitter vials or beads. Then add anything else you think is appropriate.

For a specifically Christmas craft themed box, items such as our DIY Wreath Kits, Christmas wreath bases, craft baubles and character pick sets are great additions to your Christmas crafter’s box.

Best of all, this Christmas craft gift idea can be completely tailored to suit the age of your gift recipient.

#4 Hibernation Hamper

As a little treat for someone who you think could do with some R&R, this could be right up their alley. For this Christmas craft gift idea, we created a hibernation hamper.

You can use a hamper of any kind as the base for this treat; a sack, box or basket is fine. But we think our white wooden keepsake box is perfect. Following are a few ideas to put into the hibernation hamper:

Christmas Craft Gift Idea – Bauble Gift Pack

You can never have too many baubles at Christmas time. And a set of Christmas baubles made with love and care just tops it as a wonderful Christmas craft gift idea.

Simply select a set of glass craft baubles and fill them with items you know your recipient will like, or that will match their home décor.

Some popular ideas include:

  • coloured or natural feathers
  • shells (from one of your holiday destinations perhaps)
  • sand (colour the sand for added interest)
  • gemstones (you could use birthstones of family members to bring more meaning)
  • dried flowers
  • pearls or beads
  • glitter

Have a look here if you need some more ideas about What’s Inside the Perfect Christmas Crafter Kit.

Christmas Craft Gift Idea – Cookie Sacks

If the Cookie Monster was amongst us, he would love this very simple, but sure to be well received, Christmas craft gift idea. Craft up your own cookie sacks with a few supplies including material, jute ribbon and embellishments like Christmas berry picks.

Image source: Celebrate Creativity, The Christmas Cart

To make this gift completely from love, just bake up your own cookies for the cookie sacks too.

* Tip: see the tutorial how to make cookie sacks here and check out these Delicious Christmas Cookie Recipes to Bake and Taste and 12 Days of Delicious Christmas Baking for some amazingly tasty recipes to include in your crafty Christmas gift box.

Present this Christmas craft gift idea with a Santa platter and a festive vessel for their favourite beverage, such as a Christmas coffee mug or personalised wine glass, to finish it perfectly.

Christmas craft is a gift that comes straight from the heart. Show your special someone how much they mean to you by taking time to make some beautiful Christmas craft gift ideas this year.

For more crafty inspiration, take a look at our range of Christmas craft gift idea supplies online at The Christmas Cart. And for those with limited time to craft – we have you covered too with a extensive range of Christmas gifts and Christmas décor available.