Creating a great Christmas in July atmosphere is key to embracing and enjoying the festive spirit at your mid-year celebration. Whether you’re locked in, locked out, or free to go from A to B this year, it’s easy to create the perfect Christmas in July atmosphere with a few simple tips and tricks. The team at The Christmas Cart have some clever ideas to help you make it feel like Christmas in July from wherever you might be, and however you might be celebrating.

July is almost over, thus commencing the final round-up for Christmas in July. With this year’s official date falling on Saturday 25 July, there is still time to celebrate the mid-year festivities and create a Christmas in July atmosphere of your own.

Whether it’s for a large gathering or intimate party of only a few, staying at home or sharing some special time with family and friends, anyone can make it feel like Christmas in July with some basic set up ideas. This is the perfect time to make like Frosty the Snowman and muster up the best Christmas in July atmosphere, winter style!

How to set the scene for a great Christmas in July atmosphere

We have gathered our top tips to help you produce a Christmas in July atmosphere,. Many of the items we have used are readily available online or perhaps you might already have them in your arsenal at home too.

#1 Christmas carols

There is no getting through Christmas without some traditional Christmas music and carols. The same goes for creating a Christmas in July atmosphere – music is a must!

Use your preferred online music portal, like Spotify or Apple Music, to put together a Christmas playlist. Crank it up while you are cooking your Christmas dishes, when guests arrive, or as you are devouring the spread of Christmas in July yummies with family and friends.

Some of our favourite Christmas songs that might help get you in the mood include:

• Underneath the Tree – Kelly Clarkson
• Everyday is Christmas – Sia (which is so very appropriate for a Christmas in July atmosphere)
• All I Want for Christmas is You – Maria Carey
• Joy to the World – Earth, Wind and Fire

Check out the range of Christmas CD’s we have available at The Christmas Cart.

#2 Christmas in July decorating

If you want to create a Christmas in July atmosphere, you must first make it look like Christmas. Here are a few simple Christmas decorating ideas.

Christmas Window

Create a winter wonderland by dedicating a window or two to decorate with some fake snow. Alternatively, paint, draw or print out a snow scene on paper or cardboard and fix it to the window, or create a twig window or winter inspired gallery wall and decorate as you please.

Don’t forget plenty of glittery snowflakes and fairy lights to really enhance the wintery feel.

Welcome Signs and Plaques

Welcome guests as they arrive with a beautiful personalised Christmas plaque or sign. Add your own message and theme your plaque to suit your decorating.

Free Christmas Downloads are also a great addition to enhance your Christmas in July atmosphere and decorating.

We’ve got a “Baby It’s Cold Outside” poster that is especially perfect for Christmas in July, or choose from the wide selection available. There is sure to be something to suit every Christmas decorating theme.

Christmas Wreath

Place a Christmas wreath on the front door. If you don’t have a wreath, or time to order one, you can make your own Christmas wreath by using a few simple bits and bobs that you probably already have at home. Vine, twigs and fresh flowers as well as ribbons, bows and baubles and make great pieces on a Christmas wreath.

Christmas Fireplace

Winter in Christmas calls for a perfectly decorated Christmas fireplace. But if you don’t have one, just make one! Here is a quick and simple way to achieve Christmas in July atmosphere with Christmas fire.

Craft your own Christmas fireplace by using a few old boxes. Baby nappy boxes are great for this Christmas in July atmosphere project. Here is how to do it:

• cover at least five (5) or six (6) boxes in solid-coloured wrapping paper or butcher’s paper
• once covered, build the boxes into a fireplace mantle-shape
• when you are done making the mantle you can paint brickwork to the outside or stick rectangle shapes on to create a brickwork appearance
• erect the fireplace mantle against a wall then add some kindling and firewood to the middle for an authentic-looking Christmas fireplace
• finish the mantle off with some Christmas décor and Christmas stockings to sit neatly on top

Image source: icreativeideas

Christmas Tree

A Christmas in July atmosphere will never be complete without a Christmas tree. And for some hot ideas and tips to achieve the perfect Christmas in July tree, check out our article, Decorating Christmas Trees in July.

#3 The smell of a Christmas in July atmosphere

Generally, Christmas time brings about its own aroma – and in Australia this is often the smell of prawns, steak and onions grilling on the barbeque throughout the neighbourhood. But a Christmas in July atmosphere in my home usually smells a little different.

To fully embrace the winter spirit of Christmas, I love to create a Christmas in July atmosphere through various winter scents. Some of my favourite scents include:

• pine
• orange
• cinnamon
• cloves

You can light a scented Christmas candle, burn some incense or switch on an oil diffuser with your favourite festive winter scents to fill the room.

Of course all of your delicious Christmas in July baking and cooking will only add to the tantalising aromas.

#4 Set the table for a Christmas in July atmosphere

A perfectly decorated table will always help to make it feel like Christmas in July. There is a plethora of ways you can achieve a beautifully decorated table. Watch How Deb Decorated Her Christmas in July Table for some great tips and ideas. Don’t forget to also look at the many other decorating ideas in our inspiration gallery.

#5 Share the load

To really make it feel like Christmas in July, embrace the spirit of Christmas by sharing the load. If you are hosting, ask your guests to help with the catering or organising some Secret Santa gifts for a random present draw. If you are attending somewhere else, ask the host what you can help with.

The real spirit of Christmas is about togetherness and camaraderie and a Christmas in July atmosphere should bounce off the same morals.

Send us a shout out on our Facebook page to let us know how you create Christmas in July atmosphere at your home or office. We would love to see your photos and hear your ideas too.