One of the things that I love most about Christmas in July is that it gives all of us in the southern hemisphere a chance to really enjoy all the aspects that we associate with a traditional wintery European, or northern hemisphere, Christmas.

Celebrating Christmas in July is a fun time to create a cosy Christmas feeling in your home and a great excuse to have friends over and catch up at a time when perhaps we’re more prone to staying at home and hibernating.

Another thing I love about Christmas in July is that I am drawn to decorating in a more wintery Christmas style. I love glittery snowflakes and glistening icicles, but when I decorate our home in the heat of summer, somehow that just doesn’t feel right.

For the past couple of years my hubby and I have thrown a Christmas in July party and we prepare a yummy feast of all that lovely Christmas food that is more traditional in the cooler climates.

To really get into the spirit of the night, and the festive season in general of course, I like to set a long banquet table so our guests can settle in and enjoy the food and conversations.

I’ve put together this video to share with you how I created one of my favourite Christmas in July decorating themes. I hope it inspires your Christmas in July party table decorating and maybe you’ll discover some handy tips and tricks too.

I hope you found some ideas and inspiration for how you can decorate a long Christmas table, whether it’s your Christmas in July party table or maybe for the real deal in December.

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