‘Tis the season and ‘tis the time to make wonderful Christmas memories for you and your family. Explore some of our best tried and tested memory-creators for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Christmas is that time where things often get a little busier than usual. Between celebrations, there is Christmas gift planning to be done (usually involving numerous shopping expeditions, whether online or in store), grocery lists to plan, Christmas cooking to prepare, wrapping to roll out, and getting twisted in as much tinsel and fairy lights as we can bear! But amongst any mayhem and excitement, it is the time where wonderful Christmas memories are usually made.

Whether your Christmas planning and festivities be as chaotic as the Griswolds’ or as primed as Santa’s production line; wonderful Christmas memories can be curated and nurtured without exerting too much effort at all. We can't wait to show you how easy it is to turn almost any Christmas activity or event into wonderful Christmas memories for you and your family.

It is time to make magical Christmas memories. So, let’s get started!

To keep on top of last-minute festivities and preparation leading up to Christmas Day, you might like to draft up a to-do list to tick off as you and your family undertake each activity. This is exciting for the kids and adds to the anticipation as they see each job completed, and it helps to Mum and Dad to keep on track too.

Following are some ideas that could be included in your to-do list for the week (or weeks) leading up to Christmas.

The Christmas Eve Box

Re-stock, or make and prepare a Christmas Eve box or boxes. Christmas Eve boxes are a fun and easy way to make wonderful Christmas memories and to create a special annual Christmas tradition too.

It doesn't have to be just for Christmas Eve though. You might opt to stack your box with items to take out on each day of the week leading up to Christmas; like a personalised Christmas bauble, a special Christmas ornament or a Christmas stocking, etc. Or just concentrate on items that are more applicable for Christmas Eve only, such as Santa’s magic key or your festive outfit for Christmas Day.

There are plenty of ways to make wonderful Christmas memories with the help of a Christmas Eve box. For more ideas and inspiration, take a look at our article Christmas Eve box ideas for the whole family.

Wonderful Christmas Memories Captured on Film

Make a video interviewing each of your family members about their favourite parts of the year gone. Get extra creative and use a free video editing software app to build a simply wonderful Christmas memory with music or special effects too.

Save these videos to look back on all the wonderful Christmas memories that you have captured for years to come.

Or you could make a video reel of candid Christmas memory moments and traditions from years gone by. Then spend some quality time together watching and reminiscing, and making even more beautiful memories at the same time!

Be sure to keep your camera handy this festive season to be able to add even more wonderful Christmas memories to your collection.

Wonderful Christmas Memories with an Annual Family Christmas Photo

Set up a family photo shoot to mark the Christmas season. Whether you decide to suit up in your Sunday best, match up in your festive finery, or capture your individual personalities and styles, ensuring there is a common theme for all participants which embraces the spirit of the holiday season definitely yields some great Christmas memories and fantastic pictures to treasure for years to come. No matter how or where you decide to do it you are sure to have plenty of fun in the process!

You might not be able to get your usual Santa Photo like previous years, but you can definitely still create some wonderful Christmas memories and photos to mark this year. Find some ideas and inspiration for family Christmas photos in our article Santa Photos reinvented in 2020.

A Festive Snack Bar Full of Wonderful Christmas Memories

I remember the family table being packed full of amazing eats and treats every Christmas when I was growing up. I have continued on the essence of this tradition, but built on it to create a new tradition for my own kids. I’m sure it will be making wonderful Christmas memories for them too. It's my annual festive snack bar!

This is a little area that I like to set up over the holiday season to use for celebrations and treats for the family and anyone that stops by.

I stock my festive snack bar with family-friendly treats like homemade bliss balls, pretzels and dried fruits. But you can have anything you like on a festive snack bar. Here are some ideas:

  • chocolate powder and marshmallows to mix up a tasty hot chocolate
  • popular Christmas sweets like candy canes, chocolate Santas and Kool Mints
  • red and green M&M’s

I guarantee the kids will remember the amazing buffet of goodies they enjoyed every Christmas. Of course it's the memory of all the endless treats they were allowed to indulge in, but also the fun times we had together preparing and spending time gathered around the festive snack bar.

Wonderful Christmas Memories with Christmas Craft

Get the kids' creative juices flowing and immerse them in the magic and fun of Christmas at the same time with Christmas craft activities.

A sure-fire way to create some wonderful Christmas memories is to encourage your kids to write a letter to Santa and draw or paint a picture to leave for him on Christmas Eve. Once done, either keep the originals or take a scan/photo for keepsakes and wonderful Christmas memories to enjoy long into the future. You might look at them reflectively each year as you add to the collection. Or save them up and give to your kids when they are older to remind them of their magical Christmas memories.

They might also enjoy decorating some baubles, making cards and anything with glitter! Check out Give Your Kids a Memorable Christmas with Christmas Craft

Wonderful Christmas Memories in the Kitchen

I remember helping (or getting in the way of!) my Mum with Christmas baking when I was young. And I still love cooking up a storm for my family and friends over the holidays. Christmas baking is one of my fondest and most wonderful Christmas memories.

A simple way to create your own wonderful Christmas memories with those little people that you love, is to get them involved too. Let the kids help with tasks like:

  • baking cookies or other homemade treats for Santa or your friends and family to enjoy
  • put a gingerbread house together and let them decorate it however they please (have plenty of smarties, musk sticks, snakes, chocolate freckles and icing ready to go)
  • getting the Christmas punch ready on Christmas Day
  • setting the Christmas table ready for guests or putting out the Christmas bon bons

Host a Family Camp Out

What child does not love having a camp out or movie night? Turn this love into a wonderful Christmas memory by hosting an annual family sleep out. Build fortes and cubby houses, snack on popcorn and gather together to watch a movie before snuggling up in any corner of the room that you and the kids laid claim to.

For some movie inspiration, see it’s time for memorable Christmas movies.

If you are looking for more amazing ways to create wonderful Christmas memories with your children, take a look at our article 7 magical Christmas traditions for kids of all sizes.

To make wonderful Christmas memories for you and your family, it can be as simple as embracing the season for its many opportunities to do so. Because Christmas is the time of the year where there is always a little bit of magic in the air and you usually don't have to look too hard to find it.

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