The possibilities for creating a DIY Christmas wreath are as endless as our imaginations and diverse Christmas decorating styles. Today, we'd love to share with you some of our favourite DIY Christmas wreath ideas and inspiration.

There's 3 core pieces when it comes to Christmas decorating (we'll in our opinion anyway) - the Christmas tree, stockings and a wreath. Of course, there are so many more options to further enhance your Christmas décor style and theming, but we think these 3 really are the key components to producing a beautiful Christmas atmosphere in your home. If you had nothing else but theses 3, then the place would still be suitably festive.

As we get more and more creative in our pursuit of unique and individual decorating pieces to reflect our personality and style, it makes sense to venture into DIY Christmas craft projects. Creating your very own piece of Christmas décor is not only fun and gives a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, the end result is a piece that is truly unique and perfectly suits your personality and Christmas decorating style, more so that anything that you are likely to find in a store.

With that in mind, we've gathered some of our favourite ideas and inspiration to inspire you to create your very own DIY Christmas wreath.

Design and Create Your Own Masterpiece

Creating your very own DIY Christmas wreath means that you have the pleasure and joy of selecting each individual piece to add to your wreath and even deciding exactly where you will position everything. There's no "well, I guess that close to what I want" or "it will have to do as I probably won't find exactly what I want anyway". You are in complete control, there's no settling or compromise. And with that comes a world of possibilities.

Once upon a time, wreaths were typically made from a lush green floral base and some natural looking elements such as berries and pinecones were added for embellishment.

This traditional style of wreath design still very much has a presence in Christmas decorating today, but in addition, there are so many other options available to suit a wide range of Christmas decorating styles.

Start at the Bottom

Wreath bases come in all shapes and sizes. For your DIY Christmas Wreath, you might choose to start with a wire frame, a metal hoop, a natural grapevine wreath base or a green floral wreath base.

Style to your Theme

Once you've chosen your favourite wreath base to work with, it's time to decide what you'll use to decorate it to suit your theme.

Add quirky pick pieces such as elf hat and legs and glitter balls for fun and playfulness. Glitter feather sprays and beautiful flowers create an elegantly understated DIY Christmas wreath feature piece, while pinecones and berries produce a rustic and natural design.

See how we made the delightful Elf Leg Wreath.

If you're from the "bigger is better" or "more is more" camp of decorating and crafting, then a full and luscious green base filled with plenty of baubles, ribbons and even signs might be more to your liking.


Our recent article to create the Candy Cane Christmas Wreath has lots of great tips that you can use when styling any DIY Christmas wreath.

Green wreath bases are also great as a DIY Christmas wreath base as they give you a full wreath with out needing to add to much else if you don't want to. Simply add beach decorations such as a starfish or shells and fairy lights for a beautiful beach-inspired wreath, or channel a festive fiesta with a colourful ball garland, streamers or ribbons and a personalised plaque.

Find out more about how you can deck your halls with DIY Christmas Wreaths.

We've Designed for You to Create

If you love the idea of making your very own wreath but are perhaps a little overwhelmed with where to start or what you might need, then a DIY wreath kit is just what you need.

The crafty team at The Christmas Cart have put together 3 festive and fun DIY Wreaths Kits that contain everything you need to create an amazing DIY Christmas wreath. The only thing that you'll need to complete this project, that doesn't come in the kit, is a pair of scissors. But we're sure you can manage to rustle up some of those, right?

The playful Santa, Elf and Snowman designs are sure to bring plenty of smiles to your home this festive season - both while you're having lots of fun making them, and while your enjoying your handiwork afterwards too.

These designs are available to purchase as ready-made wreaths too. So, if you really love them and just don't have the time (or interest) to DIY at the moment, then you can get the DIY Christmas wreath look, with out the DIY bit!

Decorate with Wreaths

Now that you've completed your DIY Christmas Wreath creation, it's time to display it proudly for everyone to enjoy.

The most commonly seen way, or place, to display a wreath is on the front door of your home. There are a number of different stories about the history and symbolism of hanging a wreath on the front door at this time of year. So you may choose to hang a wreath on your front door as a symbolic reference, or as a purely decorative piece.

Just as the materials used to make wreaths, and the reasons for hanging them, have changed and diversified over time, so to has the ways in which we choose to display and decorate with Christmas wreaths.

Wreaths are such a versatile addition to your Christmas décor. Bring a burst of life and texture to a plain internal wall by hanging a beautiful wreath, or incorporate your DIY Christmas wreath as part of your sideboard display. Use a wreath stand to give some added height or simply lean it against the wall behind or another supporting item.

No matter your Christmas decorating style or level of creative experience, there really is something for everyone with DIY Christmas wreaths. The Christmas Cart has everything you need to create a beautiful and unique Christmas wreath. Explore the online store now to stock up on craft supplies, decorations and wreath bases.