DIY Christmas Wreath making workshops are quickly becoming a very popular and fun way to spend time with your friends, and other Christmas lovers, whilst at the same time creating something really unique as part of your Christmas décor. But let’s face it, for a variety of reasons, not everyone can get out to attend an in-person workshop.

And so, following on from the popularity of our wreath making workshops last year, we’ve been working on ways we can help you create beautiful DIY Christmas wreaths in the comfort of your own home.

We’ve been searching for new products, learning how to use some of our existing products, looking for ideas & inspiration and testing techniques and tricks, so that we can share with you what we know, so far, about creating beautiful one of a kind wreaths. This is an exciting journey for us, we don’t claim to be professional wreath makers, just enthusiastic DIYers!

So, whether you’re a seasoned crafter, or perhaps someone who likes to dabble only occasionally, we hope you’ll be encouraged to try your hand and make your very own DIY Christmas wreath.

The first step in creating a wreath for yourself is to decide on the base you are going to use. There are many different options including “traditional” green wreath bases with a variety of foliage options such as pine, fir and even eucalyptus leaves. We particularly love wreaths with mixed greenery as they have a really interesting texture before you even start adding any embellishments.

These days however, there are lots of different options for wreath bases including grapevines, metal hoops and wire frames – all of which create very different looks and are the perfect opportunity to let your creativity shine.


Once you have selected your wreath base the next step is to decide what your “wow factor” is going to be – the more technical term for this is your “focal point”. Having a key focal point is a common principal in design and it is no different in wreath making. There are many options you can use for a wreath’s focal point, one of my favourites is a bow made from a beautiful wired ribbon.

We’re really excited to release a new range wired ribbons this year that we are going to be featuring in a number of our craft projects. Wired ribbons can be used in a variety of ways when decorating for Christmas. A great way to use wired ribbon in a DIY Christmas wreath is to create a beautiful bow and nestle it within the branches of an evergreen wreath base or attach it to the side or top of a hoop or grape vine wreath.

There are huge number of ways you can create a bow but the most important thing is that the ribbon is made to look full and lush. A lovely way to create this look is to cut the tails or end of your ribbon on a diagonal and then twist it around a pole, such as a broom handle, to give it a nice rounded twirl.

You can also use ribbons throughout your wreath by creating streamers. Streamers are smaller pieces of ribbon, cut on the ends in a v-cut or dovetail and wired into the wreath.

The selection of ribbons you choose is a great opportunity for you to ensure your wreath compliments your decorating style. You can choose from a traditional Christmas colour palette of red and green, the elegance of shimmery silvers and golds and of course the more contemporary Christmas colours such as blush, blue and grey.

Another great focal point for a wreath is a plaque or sign. You can choose to have a personalised Christmas plaque, these are a perfect way to welcome family and friends. Alternatively, you can use a sign or posters mounted on a wreath board or placed in a frame. Signs or plaques can be fixed to a wreath in a variety places including in the centre or off to one side.

For a truly spectacular wreath you can create 2 focal points that balance each other. You can try combining a large bow with a sign as seen in the e"Jingle all the way" wreath above. It is important when you use two focal points that you place them opposite each other. A classic design for this type of wreath is having one focal point at 10 o’clock and then other at 4 o’clock.

A wonderful way to add texture, sparkle and colour to your wreath is to use a variety of sprays and picks. Sprays and picks are used a lot when decorating Christmas trees and can be used equally well in a DIY Christmas wreath.

It’s important to select the right colours and combinations that will compliment your design and then placing them in your wreath so that they create drama, interest and texture where you want it. Some of my favourite sprays and picks are those that make the wreath look bigger by extending out of the wreath at the top and bottom. I also love sprays and picks that have glitter and sparkle. Let’s face it, what is Christmas without a bit of glitter!

As a final touch why not consider using Christmas tree decorations to add a pop of colour and character to your Christmas wreath.

You can use anything from birds, to baubles and bells, flowers, pinecones to stars, not to mention cute Christmas animals like squirrels, llamas and reindeers.

There is no end to the possibilities of the amazing DIY Christmas wreath you can create with a little time and imagination, and trust us when we tell you, it is soooo much fun!

P.S: Keep an eye on our website as we will be putting together a limited number of DIY Christmas wreath kits which might be a great way for you to try your hand at this fun Christmas decorating craft.