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Christmas in July Memories: Time for Family and Fun

Christmas in July Memories Time for Family Fun family holding a light up sparkle

We know even more importantly this year that we should never take for granted the chance to spend time with our nearest and dearest in the flesh. And when we have an opportunity to celebrate festivities, that we should jump on it! Christmas in July is the perfect time for family and fun. Interested in getting involved? Here are some of our favourite ways to create Christmas in July memories with your clan this year.

The opportunity to create Christmas in July memories is one of the best things about the hump in the middle of the year, because it is not often enough that we all get the chance to re-focus on relationships, gather up our clan of family and friends and spend some quality time together. And with numerous lockdowns, lockups and lockouts throughout the past year, we should grab opportunity by the horns (or by the tinsel and fairy lights…) when it presents itself. This year, let’s make some Christmas in July memories with special time for family and fun!

To help inspire you, we have gathered up a collection of some of The Christmas Cart’s most simple and efficient ways to embrace the spirit and make Christmas in July memories at your place this year. These are all great reasons why we love Christmas in July too.

Make Christmas in July Memories with Heart-Warming Food

Unlike our red-hot summers at the end of the year, Christmas in July is the perfect occasion for creating Christmas in July memories over a smorgasbord of hot, roasted meats, veggies and all the steaming trimmings, like pot roast gravy or creamy cheese sauce. For ultimate winter indulgence, don’t forget to include a traditional warm Christmas pudding for dessert – yummo! You can warm your bellies and your spirit with all that is fantastic about steamy, hot food during Christmas in July.

For some Christmas in July roast inspiration, including tips for making the best pork crackling and a tasty slow-cooked baked ham, take a look at our Christmas in July roasts and ham recipes’. And for some wonderful dessert ideas, see our article how to reinvent your Christmas pudding.

Make Christmas in July Memories with Craft Activities with the Kids

For those with kids in particular, Christmas in July is a wonderful time for creating Christmas in July memories with fun craft activities, especially over the mid-year school holidays. You can get the kids involved with making some beautiful Christmas craft pieces to display around the home. Keep busy with painting, drawing, write a mid-year Christmas letter to Santa, or make a Christmas table centrepiece to show-off.

Here are some ideas to give your kids a memorable Christmas in July with craft.

* Tip: for a full range of Christmas craft inspiration for the entire family, just take a look at our craft articles online.

Make Christmas in July Memories and Bake Up a Storm!

It doesn’t really matter what time of the year it is, as baking is generally a favourite among our team here at The Christmas Cart. But making all sorts of tasty treats during the festive and mid-year festive season is just more exciting (and it could just be the sugar rush talking, but I’m already hooked on Christmas baking this year).

For some inspiration, take a look at our article ‘Christmas cooking with the kids’ for some festively fun ideas that you can enjoy with your kiddy crew. You might also like ‘the very best Christmas in July recipes’ from last year.

Make Christmas in July Memories – Create Your Very Own Winter Wonderland

As Christmas in July falls within our cold season in Australia, it is time to get your creative on and make some Christmas in July memories – winter style!

You can go all out and decorate your home with snow-tipped sprigs of green or brown, imitation snow, beautiful snow globes, and generally make the place look like it has been through a cloud of magical snow. You can even make your very own hot chocolate bar – watch our video ‘how to create a hot chocolate bar’ to see how it’s done.

Take advantage of our free baby it’s cold outside poster download too.

For a full range of ideas and inspiration, here is how you can ‘create your winter wonderland’.

You don’t need to have a huge gathering to celebrate and create Christmas in July memories. This time of the year is the perfect chance to respect any opportunity we are given to catch up with family and friends, celebrate special moments and make memories together. Afterall, these opportunities are not always easy to come by.

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