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Create a Memorable Christmas with Personalised Gifts for Kids

As parents, we can’t help that we want to make every occasion memorable for our children. Sometimes though, we find ourselves stuck on new ideas to make our child’s Christmas extra special. There are loads of ways you can make this Christmas an unforgettable one!

Understandably, there is a huge focus on making baby’s first Christmas a grand celebration. But as your child grows a little older and begins to understand what Christmas actually is, it becomes a super special time for kids. They often really get caught up in the magic and excitement of the season. You can assist with elevating a child’s joy and creating everlasting memories by giving them a personalised gift.

Even if you can’t physically be there to celebrate Christmas with a beloved child this year, you can find personalised gifts for kids that are ideal to post – like shatterproof baubles or Christmas stockings. Personalised gifts for kids are designed to appeal to more than just the child – they make beautiful Christmas keepsakes that any parents, grandparents or guardians are sure to cherish.

Personalised Baubles

Shatterproof Baubles

Baubles are traditional and very popular gifts to give at Christmastime. It’s clear why some gift givers are weary of giving baubles to children, out of fear that they may break their special gift. This is where Shatterproof Baubles are a fantastic option. Made from a durable acrylic, these baubles are harder to break than a typical glass decoration. This feature makes shatterproof baubles especially great to give as keepsake gifts that little ones can hang on the Christmas tree time and time again. To make a child’s Christmas especially memorable, opt for their favourite coloured bauble to be personalised with their name and a year in glitter calligraphy.

Make a child’s Christmas exceptionally memorable by giving an extraordinary personalised gift. Our Christmas Character baubles are incredible personalised gifts for kids. Any child is sure to adore this red bauble topped with a cute festive figure and finished with their name personalised in glitter calligraphy!

Bauble Gift Packs

Why not give personalised gifts for kids in the form of a bauble pack? Though some of these packs are mentioned in our Baby’s First Christmas articles, we know that younger children would also be delighted to find a cuddly teddy accompanying their personalised bauble.

If you find yourself needing to purchase Christmas gifts for families with multiple children, or a few different families, purchasing baubles in a Family Gift Pack is a cost-effective option.

At The Christmas Cart, we have numerous great personalised gifts for kids. Apart from those above, our Elf Shelf Sitter and Bauble Pack and Reindeer Soft Toy Gift Pack appeal to children around 3-years-old and above.

Personalised Christmas Stockings & Sacks

Personalised Christmas Stockings for Kids

In a child’s mind, there’s nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning to see their stocking and sack full of gifts just for them! Giving a child a personalised Christmas stocking with their name beautifully presented on the front will certainly help in making their Christmas especially memorable. Imagine the huge smile on their face each Christmas Eve (or 1 Dec, or whenever your family chooses to hang their stockings!) as they proudly hang their very own stocking in anticipation of Santa’s visit.

Christmas Stocking Packs

There are plenty of stocking value packs to appeal to children of varying ages. But no matter their age, children love nothing more than their names plastered over the Christmas tree and mantle. It’s safe to say that when they see this stocking with their name on it, they will definitely not be able to contain their excitement! Pair their very own personalised stocking with a matching bauble and this is sure to be their favourite gift of the year.

For kids that might be a little older, you can opt to purchase a stocking with a more mature design.

Maybe you are purchasing Christmas gifts for a child who already has a personalised bauble that they love but does not yet have a personalised stocking. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have a selection stocking value packs which contain a personalised Christmas stocking with either a bright and festive cushion cover or a fun tree decoration that will make the ideal gift in this instance.

Now that you’ve decided to purchase personalised gifts for kids, the next step is to think of how the child is to display them. Maybe they need a stocking hanger to for their personalised stockings to suspend. There is a stocking hanger to suit every décor theme and Christmas stocking. The combination of these personalised gifts for kids is certainly a wonderful way to make any child’s Christmas truly memorable!

Santa Sacks

The stockings are hung, and the Christmas tree decorations are ready. Don’t forget about the Santa sack!

Families with primary school-aged children will agree that a Christmas necessity in their home is a Santa sack. You can spoil any child (and prevent Christmas morning (and Eve!) confusion over which belongs to who) by purchasing a personalised Santa sack with your children’s names beautifully written in our unique style of glitter hand-calligraphy.

Santa Sacks make memorable personalised gifts for kids, with different styles and designs available. The best gift children can truly be given is memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Kids Christmas Treats

Christmas Countdown

Raise a child’s excitement for Christmas by gifting them personalised gift for kids that helps them count the days until Christmas. A personalised wood plaque or advent calendar help to build the fun and anticipation of Christmas. All of these personalised gifts for kids are perfect to add to a December 1st box or send via post.

Treat Buckets

A unique personalised gift for kids is a personalised festive treat bucket or mini tin bucket. Spoil children with a bucket full of their favourite treats to be placed under the Christmas tree or beside their bed on Christmas day. You could start a tradition in your home by purchasing a treat bucket for children that Santa or their elf fill with candy canes, chocolates, or small plush toys. Another idea is to use these buckets bucket as an advent calendar by placing a special treat in there each day in the countdown to Christmas, or organise a hunt (similar to an Easter egg hunt) where children burn off some of their energy by finding treats or trinkets scattered around the house or backyard.

It’s remarkable how many ways there a simple personalised gift for kids can be used to make their Christmas exciting.

Box it Up

Why not purchase a selection of these personalised gifts for kids and add them into a personalised keepsake box? We have personalised wooden keepsake boxes. Gifts & Keepsakes also has a few different keepsake box designs available. Keepsake boxes are for more than just storing precious baby collectables and keepsakes. They are also perfect to be given as a December 1st box or a keepsake box for children to store their precious mementos.

Image source: The Christmas Cart, Gifts & Keepsakes

If you love creating the perfect Christmas Eve Box each year, a personalised Christmas Keepsake Box is the perfect gift that children and adults will adore. Make their Christmas extra special by helping their parents fill it with personalised gifts for kids, as well as treats, a book or even children’s craft kits.

You can make any kids Christmas extra special by giving personalised gifts with their name beautifully written on them. If you are searching for a matching set of personalised gifts for kids, take a look at our Bright Fun Christmas collections. It’s easy to order on our website, with sections available to fill in the personalisation details and even choose the glitter calligraphy colour. There really is no better way to make memories with a child this Christmas than with personalised gifts for kids.

From personalised gifts for kids and adults, to Christmas home décor, and everything in between – The Christmas Cart has all of your Christmas needs covered. Get into the Christmas spirit by viewing our Inspiration Gallery or find out more ways to make lovely Christmas memories with your family in our blog.