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Farm Fresh Christmas

Farm Fresh Christmas Feature Image with a Christmas Tree Beside

As with fashion, what’s old is new again in home décor – which is why I’m really excited to share with you our Farm Fresh Christmas décor collection.

By sticking to a simple colour palette of black, white and red with bold gingham and buffalo check – I really think this collection has struck the perfect balance of homely and traditional yet clean and contemporary.

By mixing black, white and red florals on fresh, forest greens as well as red berries and pine cones, we’ve created a collection that exudes a rich and warm simplicity.

As a finishing touch to this collection, we added just a touch of sparkle with glistening snowy accents (it wouldn’t be a Christmas Cart signature collection without a little bit of glitter!) and some gorgeous furry friend ornaments. A Farm Fresh Christmas is perfect for cultivating a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home.

The features of this beautiful collection are so versatile that within the theme you can opt to focus more on highlighting the contrast of the striking red pieces, or create a more wintery farm atmosphere by including more white and snow-tipped pieces. Or use a selection of both and combine your favourite pieces.

So, let’s take a look at our Farm Fresh Christmas Collection.


Warm Welcomes at the Farm Fresh Christmas Table

Now, if you’ve been anywhere near a café in the past five years I’m sure you’ve seen the popular practice of using kitchenware items, like chopping boards, as place settings. When we were thinking of what would be on a Farm Fresh Christmas table this was one of the first things that came to mind!

A Farm Fresh Christmas table embodies the characteristics of the collection – simple, striking and contemporary. The beautiful wood of a chopping board is all of those things, making it the perfect accessory on the table.

We’ve paired the chopping board with a burlap placemat, a thick fabric napkin in charcoal and festive bon bons. Matt black cutlery, a sprig of florals and a personalised name card, tied together with alternating red and black ribbon bring the rustic farm feeling into the home.

As we mentioned previously, the styling of the Farm Fresh Christmas theme can be taken in a striking red direction, or a you can create snowy, frosted white aesthetic. At the table, this means there are a few options for finishing your place settings and centrepiece.

Red berries really pop against the neutral colours in the base pieces of the settings. Alternating red and natural bon bons are a great compliment or continue the berry theme with holly and red berry on your bon bons too. Add a pick of red berries to the cutlery and name tag arrangement and a simple but stunning candle holder with pinecones and red berries is the perfect table centrepiece.

For softer, more subtle, theming on your table, choose white berries with soft green leaves and pinecones for your place settings.

Channel an Australian Farm Fresh Christmas with a eucalyptus and white berry candle holder centrepiece and gorgeous Australian animal bon bons.

In keeping with the understated style, the Farm Fresh Christmas doesn’t need to much else to finish it off.

Place a selection of a few ornaments such as rustic bells, wooden tealight votives, cute birds and animals and some copperseed lights to complete an incredibly inviting, simple place for your guests to enjoy a meal together.

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The Farm Fresh Christmas Tree – Decked with Checks

The Farm Fresh Christmas tree uses plenty of bold gingham and buffalo check patterns together with natural looking pinecones and berries to make it an incredibly warm and welcoming focal point. Beautiful tree decorations and rustic signs to share the messages of Christmas enhance the nostalgic and homely feel.

Textural Topper & Sparkling Sprays

Add dimension and texture to offset the softness of the ribbons and fabrics with Christmas sprays in a range of colours, styles and finishes.

Sparkling snowflakes, perfect pinecones and fur trimmed leaves are a great combination of natural and decorative elements throughout your tree.

Bring a generous amount of sprays together, add bold flowers and billowing ribbon and bows to create a stunning tree topper.

Fantastically Festive Florals

The great thing about using faux flowers as part of your Christmas decorating means that you can have all the amazing shapes and textures that we love about flowers, but the colour range extends far beyond that of nature’s treasures.

We love the idea of using fabric patterns to create really special florals. It creates a totally different impact to the usual velvet or satin flowers and incorporating black florals enhances the contemporary twist on traditional floral decorating.

Mix magnolia flowers, holly leaves and chenille fur trimmed check flowers in the key colours of red, white and black. These unique pieces tie in perfectly with the patterns and colours featured in the rest of our Farm Fresh Christmas décor.

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Perfectly Personalised Baubles

Continue the striking red and black colour palette through to the personal touches on your tree too.

Red and black glass personalised baubles with silver glitter calligraphy are a beautiful way to bring a truly individual element to your Christmas tree and make everyone feel special.

Tradition and Fun with Tree Decorations

There are so many fun tree decorations in the Farm Fresh Christmas collection to help you tell your Christmas story.

Tree decorations featuring touches of wood and glass nestled amongst bells, berries and baubles make the tree interesting and dynamic.

Light-up wooden tree decorations add a little twinkle and nod to the traditional Christmas symbols of star, angel, tree and reindeer.

Add some more twinkle and sparkle, in a subtle and natural way, with snowflakes and stars in a selection of finishes.

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Fill out the space and create a full and luscious tree with plenty of beautiful bows in combinations of red, white and black check patterns.

Use gingham wired tree garland throughout the tree to create a rich, sophisticated feeling alongside your ribbons and bows. I love how the different sizes and colours of the gingham pattern across the different pieces makes it feel very stylish and considered.

It Must Be a Sign…or Two!

Spread joy and messages of Christmas cheer with rustic wooden signs scattered on your Farm Fresh Christmas tree.

The Spirit of Giving with Personalised Santa Sacks and Tote Bags

Now that the tree is looking it’s best – let’s get to what we’re all here for: the presents!

Personalised Santa Sacks and Tote Bags are a special way package up your gifts. Not only are they fun and functional, they are important part of the overall decorating impact too.

Co-ordinating sacks and personalised name tags with gorgeous glitter hand calligraphy are the perfect accompaniment to frame the base of your beautifully decorated Farm Fresh Christmas tree.

A Little More Giving with Gorgeous Gift Wrapping

No doubt you’ll have some individual gifts to place under the tree too.

You’re probably not surprised to hear that I love incorporating my gift wrapping into my wider home décor theme. The natural effect of craft paper is a great base for Farm Fresh Christmas gift wrapping.

Trim your gifts with wired gingham ribbons and affix complimenting bows and other tree decorations to match what you have used in your tree. These pressies coordinate seamlessly with the Red and Black Buffalo Check Christmas Tree Skirt.

Add some fun, festively dressed Christmas character figurines to complete the picture, and your Farm Fresh Christmas tree is done!

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Many Ways for a Farm Fresh Christmas Mantle

As we showed you with the table, your Farm Fresh Christmas theme can be white, wintery and snowy or bright and blossoming with red berries. And this continues to the mantle too.

There’s lots of options and combinations for you to create a mantle display that suits your home and compliments the rest of your Christmas décor.

Must-Have Personalised Stockings

Stockings are a staple inclusion of any Christmas mantle display and the Farm Fresh Christmas stocking selection really embodies the cosy warmth and homely feel of this collection.

We’re excited to have a new range of Personalised Christmas Stockings featuring … you guessed it – buffalo check! Available in white and black or red and black, they look great as a matching set or alternating the two styles.

The Black and White Buffalo Check Stocking has a white cuff and pom-pom, which is crisp, fresh and classic – while the Red and Black version has a grey cuff and red pom-pom, which is rustic, warm and timeless.

Alternatively, to compliment a winter Farm Fresh Christmas theme, these Red or White Cable Knit Stockings that have been personalised with wooden name tags and trimmed with snowy bells and frosted white berries tree decorations are just the thing. This is a great classic style, suited so many different Christmas décor themes that you can use for years to come.

No matter which stocking style you choose, wooden tree and star stocking holders are perfect for a rustic and understated look.

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Wonderful Wreaths

It wouldn’t be a Farm Fresh Christmas without lots of lovely, luscious greenery and these absolutely stunning Christmas wreaths definitely tick that box.

There’s so many great wreath choices in this collection to decorate the wall above your mantle, or anywhere in your home. rustic and red, snowy and white or billowing ribbons a plenty! We have a limited number of custom made wreaths with ribbon and farm fresh plaque available through the website, or you could get a little crafty and make your own DIY wreath. We’ve got lots of different wreath bases, ribbon, DecoMesh and plaques to help you create a special wreath all your own.

Wreath hangers are the perfect way to hang or display your chosen wreath. The versatility of using a wreath hanger means that you really can place it anywhere you that like, it doesn’t necessarily need to be near a wall or on a door. But if you do want to position near the wall, then you don’t have to worry about how to attach or hang it. No damage to the wall! And even better still, some of our wreath hangers have adjustable height, so you can get exactly the positioning that works for your display.

Perfectly Personalised Plaques

Once you’ve chosen your favourite wreath, the options for decorating it don’t stop there.

Personalised plaques add a truly unique, and personal, touch to your Christmas wreath. It’s a warm welcome for your guests and a great way to share your Christmas message.

Even a plaque on its own is a simple and beautiful way to extend your Christmas decorating to the walls.

Deck the Walls

Maybe you’d prefer not to have a wreath over your mantle, or you are looking for some other options to bring Christmas to another wall in your home.

Bunting and prints are two other ways that you can quickly and simply add another dimension to your festively decorated space.

Burlap bunting with Merry Christmas lettering in red and black plaid is just the thing you need to compliment a Farm Fresh Christmas decorating style.

Or set the scene and tell a Christmas story with a Farm Fresh Christmas Trees print. This poster is available for FREE to download from our website. Then all you need to do is print it and pop it in a frame. Such a simple thing for maximum decorating impact.

A wall hanging really helps to finish off the space and bring everything together. Not to mention sharing a lovely Christmas message too.

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Farm Fresh Christmas Florals

Compliment your wreath (if you’re using one!) and adorn the top of your mantle with plenty of florals.

Christmas garlands featuring pinecones and red or white berries are an ideal inclusion and you can add additional swags and sprays for a little more fullness and dimension. Scatter a few bottle brush table top trees, in different shades of green, along the space or flank either end with larger table top trees to give height and dimension to your mantle display.

You don’t need to add too many other floral pieces for a Farm Fresh Christmas mantle as we don’t want it to get too busy and cluttered. A Farm Fresh Christmas is simple and relaxed remember, so we want to decorate in that way too.

We’ll show you how to add some ornaments and figurines for extra interest.

Rolling Ribbons & Beautiful Bows

Add focal points to the ends by trimming the florals with bows made from a selection of red, black and white wired ribbon in various patterns and widths. I have fallen head over heels for wired ribbon this past year, as it’s so versatile and keeps shape so much better than traditional ribbons.

In our Farm Fresh Christmas craft project, we show you how we created this stunning bow with pinecones arrangement so that you can do it too. It’s perfect for adding to your wreath, garland and mantle, banister, or any other spot in your house that you want to add some farmhouse festive cheer.

Tell Your Farm Fresh Christmas Story with Ornaments & Figurines

The last step to decorating your Farm fresh Christmas mantle is to tell a story by adding a selection of ornaments and figurines.

As we mentioned with the florals, it is important to stay true to the relaxed simplicity of this style by not adding too much. Rather, a few key statement pieces will do the trick.

Light-up scenes such as these gorgeous wooden house and church add a subtle shimmer of light and tie in perfectly with the wooden stocking hangers and natural foliage.

Gorgeous forest animal ornaments, especially reindeer, enhance the festive feel and look right at home nestled amongst the greenery. There’s so many different colours and styles to choose from. Winter white sisal with a touch of glitter and sparkle or a more natural colour deer with red bow and berries around their neck are our favourites.

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Have a Merry Farm Fresh Christmas with Signs & Wall Hangings

If you have some bare walls that need a little Christmas cheer, add some interest with a selection of Christmas signs and wall hangings.

Natural wooden and rustic finishes are perfect for a sharing a warm Farm Fresh Christmas message.

Too Much Cuteness Down Below!

Ok, so admittedly you probably won’t find too many polar bears on a farm. But we’re sure you’ll agree that these little guys definitely fit right in to an outdoorsy, wintery Christmas scene, and we simply couldn’t resist their absolute cuteness!

At the bottom of the mantle, we’ve really let our creativity run wild when it comes to building a winter wonderland. I had so much fun creating this snowy scene with our new sisal polar bear family. They are just so cute with their scarves in black and white gingham and little red hats and bows.

They are right at home among the light-up wooden house and church and Santa is standing proudly by to keep an eye over everyone.

A burlap tree skirt with white trim provides a perfect snow-tipped ground covering to arrange your scene on top of. Add wooden reindeer, a picket fence and flank it all with a pair potted snowy pine trees to finish off your winter wonderland.


Farm Fresh Christmas Around Your Home

To carry the Farm Fresh Christmas theme throughout your home, we’ve curated a range of beautiful display ornaments – I’ve set this one up with my two granddaughters in mind because I know how much they love all the trinkets I have at Christmas time.

Fill your shelves with light-up ornaments of Santa working hard on the farm in his tractor or taking home his Farm Fresh Christmas tree on top of the car!

Add subtle sprinkles of sparkle with glitter tipped flowers and pinecone picks arranged in cute sleighs, Santa’s boot or milk bottle vases.


We hope you’ve been inspired by the simple, relaxed and homely warmth of our Farm Fresh Christmas collection. It’s proof that the traditional elements of Christmas decorating still have the magic they always did. With a little tweak, and a few special pieces, you can have a Christmas that still nods to the traditional but also takes on a fresh and contemporary appeal.

Visit the Farm Fresh Christmas Inspiration Gallery to for even more ideas and inspiration to help you create your very own Farm Fresh Christmas. Watch the Farm Fresh Christmas decorating video, take a look at the Farm Fresh Christmas Lookbook and shop everything you need to make it happen.

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