Make and Create: Christmas Kitchen Chopping Board Artwork

Magical Christmas Morning - Eat Drink and be Merry Poster Download with Mrs and Mr Claus

Downloadable Christmas Art is a great way to add something a little bit special and enhance your Christmas decorating. It can be used in so many different ways and is super simple for anyone to do.

To compliment our Christmas Kitchen décor collection we have created this beautiful Christmas Kitchen Chopping Board Artwork that would look just perfect in your Christmas Kitchen.

Our Christmas Kitchen collection is all about the warmth of family, fond memories of childhood Christmases and a rustic, traditional décor style. The the delightful aroma of Grandma’s famous pudding, the squeals of excited children filling the air and the bustling and jostling in the kitchen as everyone pitches in to help prepare the feast create lasting memories of this special celebration.

Along with the the joy of being around the people that we love, you can add to the festive atmosphere by creating an interesting visual display with your Christmas décor. Here’s how we made our Christmas Kitchen Chopping Board Artwork and now you can too.

The steps are actually very simple. It’s perfect if you are looking to add something a little different to your Christmas decorating and it doesn’t matter one bit if you aren’t a Christmas craft professional. Here we go!


  1. Gather all the bits and pieces that you will need for this gorgeous Chopping Board Artwork:
    • this free Christmas Artwork Download
    • wooden chopping board (you could also use a wooden paddle board/serving tray or anything similar)
    • white paint
    • spray adhesive
    • a binder clip
    • a pencil
    • a hot glue gun
    • Christmas floral picks and ribbon
  2. Download and print the Christmas Artwork, in A4 size, from The Christmas Cart.
  3. Give your chopping board two coats of white paint. For a more rustic look, you could use chalk paint and rub some of it off, or even leave it unpainted.
  4. With a pencil, mark where you want the bottom of the binder clip to sit so that your artwork is centred on the chopping board.


  1. Spray the back of your A4 download with adhesive and fix it to the chopping board where you have marked.
  2. Put a generous amount of hot glue on the flattest part of the back of the binder clip.
  3. Press firmly on the binder clip to make sure it gets a good grip.
  4. Attach your floral picks to the top of the chopping board. You could do this by wrapping the stem of the pick around the handle, or through the binder clip, and/or securing with hot glue.

That’s it!

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