Top Tips to Create a Stunning Christmas Tree

Create Stunning Christmas Tree - Featured Image

If you suffer from Christmas decorating envy, or perhaps you’re looking for some new inspiration and ideas, we have the décor tips and tricks you need. See our insider tips on how to create a stunning Christmas tree just like the experts.

Have you ever walked through the shopping centres during the festive season in awe of their Christmas trees and wondered how exactly they get them so perfect? Or do you find yourself on social media or Pinterest drooling and eyes wide open as you scroll through the jaw-dropping images. Immaculately presented from tip to toe, the Christmas decorating experts manage to nail it year after year.

But, here’s the real secret – a stunning Christmas tree is quite simple to perfect if you know a few tricks of the Christmas decorating trade. And with the hot Christmas decorating tips we are about to unleash; you too can create some Christmas decorating envy of your own.

From desk-sized Christmas trees to ceiling height-scrapers, our decorating gurus at The Christmas Cart know what it takes to dress a tree to impress. With these tips, there is no need to ever get your tinsel in a tangle again.


So, without further ado, here is The Christmas Cart’s go-to guide on how to create a Christmas tree like a Christmas decorating guru!

Pick a Christmas decorating theme

To avoid encountering any clashing colours or décor designs, you should first settle on a Christmas decorating theme. The trick is to stick to the same theme for all of your Christmas decorating, not just your tree.

Here are some examples:

  • Summer Christmas decorating – think coastal and beach-inspired
  • Winter Christmas decorating – glistening snow, forest friends, warm and homely atmosphere
  • Gold and silver
  • Red and green
  • Bright colours
  • Pastel colours
  • Quirky Christmas decorating
  • Traditional Christmas decorating
  • Elegant and Sophisticated Christmas decorating


Dress to impress with a beautiful Christmas tree skirt

This Christmas decorating tip makes sure that you start off on the right foot (well, at the Christmas tree foot actually). And although we are starting it near the top of our list, a Christmas tree skirt is actually the perfect finish for a stunning Christmas tree. The skirt simply covers up the unsightly legs and cords at the bottom of the tree, creating a cleaner appearance and helps to further continue and compliment your chosen Christmas decorating theme.

There is such a huge range of tree skirt materials, styles and designs available so there is sure to be something to suit almost any theme.

Create a perfect match

With your Christmas decorating theme now selected, be sure to choose appropriate colours, designs and textures for your gift wrapping, ribbons and Santa sacks that will co-ordinate with your theme.

Well-planned and beautiful Christmas wrapping can make all the difference when it comes to creating stunning Christmas decorating and completing the overall impact of your Christmas tree. Think of the gift wrapping as an important part of your Christmas decorating too. Get creative and imagine gifts under the tree adorned with gorgeous bows and dainty Christmas holly. Or Christmas hampers stocked to the brim and finished with Christmas decorations and candy canes.

Aim for the top

As a popular feature of all Christmas trees, and an essential part of Christmas decorating, be sure to add a beautiful Christmas tree topper to your tree.

Angels and stars are typical Christmas tree toppers. For something a little more unique, there are plenty of other options too such as a crown or light-up tree topper. You can also opt for a tree topper made from a selection of gorgeous florals, sprays and picks and other beautiful pieces. We have designed a few to show you some of the possibilities, but you can certainly create your own unique feature to perfectly suit your Christmas decorating theme.

And now for everything in between…

Now that you’ve got the gifts and tree skirt at the bottom and a beautiful topper to go on top, next comes perhaps the most fun of all, decorating all those luscious branches in the middle.

There is so much more to decorating a tree than baubles and tinsel.

Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree with personalised baubles in a range of colours and style.

Create interest and produce something extra special with intricate and ornate baubles.


Depending on your chosen Christmas decorating theme and style, tree decorations such as bows, butterflies, and bells further enhance the visual appeal.


Finally, fill the spaces between branches with a selection of florals, spray and picks in many gorgeous colours, textures, and designs.


Wrap it up and light it up

You can’t have a Christmas tree complete without the magic twinkle of Christmas lights. Be sure to finish your Christmas decorating with some stunning lights that will match with your theme of choice.


You might opt for standard fairy lights, decoratively shaped or brightly coloured lights or even beautiful Christmas candle lights. Complete the look with a decorative garland wrapped around the tree too.

The real secret to stunning Christmas decorating, and in particular, a stunning Christmas tree is to choose a theme and then select the décor pieces, colours, and style to match that theme. With this simple and practical approach, you will be the one creating the Christmas decorating envy, not feeling it!

Visit our Inspiration Gallery to see the many Christmas decorating themes that we’ve designed. Then fill your cart with all the gifts and goodies that you need to create a stunning Christmas tree and Christmas decorating theme on your home.