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Top Your Christmas Gifts with Glitter

Gift boxed, wrapped in blue ribbon with Silver Glitter Berry Christmas Garland on top grey with grey pillow behind

Here at The Christmas Cart, we think there’s almost nothing that can’t be improved with a sprinkle of glitter. And that certainly is the case when it comes to gift wrapping too. What’s not to love about Christmas gifts with glitter?!

We’re not suggesting that you dump a vial of glitter all over your packages. Although feel free to go ahead and do that if you’d really like. It actually sounds like a lot of fun but perhaps the clean-up might not be so much! There are definitely many other ways to add a little extra sparkle to your gift wrapping though. Here are a few of our favourite ideas to inspire you and help you to turn ordinary wrapping paper into an extraordinary gifting experience.

Make First Impressions Count. Give Christmas Gifts with Glitter.

No doubt you’ve put plenty of time and effort into selecting the perfect gifts for your family and friends. But don’t forget that first impressions really do count and so you should put just as much effort into wrapping and presenting your gift package as you did curating what is inside.

A well-presented Christmas gift with glitter sets the scene for the goodies that lay inside and completes an amazing gift giving and receiving experience for all involved. Taking the extra time to give attention to the outside of the gift as well as the inside goes a long way to show the lucky recipient just how much you care.

Christmas Gifts with Glitter are Part of the Décor too

Not only do Christmas gifts with glitter make for an extra special gift giving occasion, but they look absolutely stunning under your tree too. Beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts with glitter are yet another way to extend and enhance the Christmas decorating efforts throughout your home.

You could even wrap and decorate some empty boxes as faux Christmas gifts with glitter and use them purely decoratively along with Christmas characters and ornaments in other areas of your home, such as at the entry or on a side board.

Many Ways to Add Glitter to Christmas Gifts

Pretty Ribbons and Beautiful Bows

It might seem obvious, but the easiest way to add a little glitter and sparkle to your gift wrapping is with shimmering ribbons and bows.

Use the ribbon to wrap around the package or to fashion a feature bow, or both! Alternatively, attach a pre-made bow that doubles as a tree decoration once the unwrapping is done. It’s a bonus gift too!

Tree Decorations

Bows are not the only tree decorations that make great embellishments for Christmas gifts with glitter.

Personalised tree decorations, finished with our unique style of glitter hand-calligraphy, double as a gift tag too. Combine a personalised wooden tree decoration with some glittery ribbon for a more subtle approach to giving Christmas gifts with glitter.

Snowflakes and star decorations are also great ways to adorn your Christmas gifts with a little glitter.

Perfect Picks

Floral picks and sprays are such a versatile décor piece, and they make great gift trimmings too.

Add glitter covered balls, berries and pinecones to complete your Christmas gift with glitter.

There are so many ways that you can add some a little extra special to your Christmas gifts with glitter and sparkle. Shop the range at The Christmas Cart now to decorate your gifts and your trees too.