Make and Create: Harlequin Christmas Holiday Table Centrepiece

Harlequin Christmas Holiday Table Setting with Candle and Red flower

You wouldn’t necessarily know by looking at it, but this Harlequin Christmas Holiday Table Centrepiece would probably have to be our simplest DIY project ever. Despite its simplicity, we think it is one of the most impressive.

If you are looking for a stunning, traditionally-inspired table centrepiece that is sure to grab attention around the table, (and with minimal effort required by you!), we’ve got exactly what you need.

Read on to see just how easy it is to create this gorgeous Harlequin Christmas Holiday Table Centrepiece.


What You Need to Have

  • 2 x Red Magnolia Flower Green Leaf and Pine Spray
  • 2 x Gold Candle Holders and Candles

That’s it! We told you it was going to be easy.

The Red Magnolia Flower Green Leaf and Pine Spray has the perfect combination of lush green foliage and texture, boldly elegant red magnolias and beautiful berries. That means you don’t need to source all the individual pieces. It comes ready to go!

We’ve used 2 x sprays for this 4-seat table setting but obviously you can add more to extend your centrepiece for longer tables. Each spray is approximately 100cm long (including the stem) and the floral section covers around half of that length. So once in place, 2 x sprays will give you a centrepiece that is approximately 100cm long.

We opted for candle holders of different heights to add variation in the vertical levels of the Harlequin Christmas Holiday Table Centrepiece.

Flameless candles are a great choice for this kind of display – you can enjoy the ambience of candlelight without having to worry about naked flames and dripping wax.


What You Need to Do


  1. Prepare the sprays – your sprays will likely need a little spruce up before you put them on the table. All of the components are attached to the stem with wire which make it super easy to style and position each piece exactly where you would like it. Arrange the fronds so that the leaves are evenly spread out to the left and right and towards the tip of the spray and the flowers are sitting nicely on top.


  1. Position the sprays on the table – now that you have your sprays looking lovely and lush, position them on the table with the tips of the sprays at opposite ends and move them together so that there is no gap in the arrangement and the stems are tucked away under the foliage of the opposite spray. Once it’s all in place, you may need to make some more small adjustments to the leaves and/or florals to get the overall look just right.


  1. Place the candle holder and candle sets – position one candle holder and candle set on either side of the florals towards the middle of the table.


And there you have the simplest show-stopping table centrepiece that you ever did see.


Complete your Harlequin Christmas Holiday table with complimenting velvet table runners, elegant place settings and glassware for a truly impressive result. We opted to run our table runners across the table under opposing place settings, as opposed to down the middle of the table, for a striking contrast. A red velvet table runner oriented under your centrepiece would be equally stunning.

Make your guests feel extra special with deluxe bon bons, personalised name tags and place cards.


We hope that you enjoyed seeing how we made the Harlequin Christmas Holiday Table Centrepiece.

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