Lead Pages Test Lead Pages Test Page

Step 1 - Export page content from leadpages
- Publish page
- Choose 'Use own server'
- Click 'Export Full HTML'
- Open the HTML file that is downloaded in an html or text editor. Select all, and copy.

Step 2- Create New CMS Page in Magento
- In the content tab, click show/hide editor to reveal 'code view'
- Paste HTML content inside. Note - do not return back to editor view (i.e. clicking show/hide again) as this will remove some of the code formatting

Step 3 - Edit Page Layout
- Click design tab. Select 'Empty' from the layout drop down
- Paste the following 5 lines of text/code into the 'Layout Update XML' box below

<remove name="header"/>
<remove name="footer"/>
<remove name="breadcrumbs"/>
<remove name="main-container"/>
<remove name="head"/>

Step 4 - Save
- Click Save Page
- View the new landing page!
- Note: it is important to keep local copies of all of the above code, as every time you need to edit this page, you will need to re-paste the LeadPages code into the Content section, as it likes to strip out part of the HTML code. You only need to past the layout code once however.