Not everyone is a Christmas gift ideas expert when it comes to finding perfect Christmas gifts, especially when you are working to a budget. With our selection of Christmas gift ideas for under $25, you have every chance of nailing gift-giving this season and the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank in the process.

In households across the world, Christmas is known as a time for celebrations and traditions. While the exact details of those celebrations and traditions can be very different from one place to the next, the act of giving and receiving gifts usually plays a part in most Christmas activities across the globe.

With finances often stretched at this time of the year, it can get a little tough to spread the funds and satisfy absolutely everyone on your Christmas gift list. But it does not need to be the case.

The Christmas Cart team has been around the Christmas gift gig for a few moons now. When it comes to smart, budget-savvy Christmas gift ideas, we know how to make it work. With a few simple ideas, you too can come up with smart and thoughtful Christmas gifts that will help to stretch your dollar a little further this year.

So, before splashing your hard-earned cash on Christmas gifts, check out our guide to see how easy it is to create thoughtful Christmas gifts for under $25.


The Christmas Cart’s guide for creating Christmas gifts for under $25

The Christmas gift ideas that we have detailed below are intended to spark creativity and help inspire you to create some great Christmas gifts on a budget. The great thing about these ideas is that not only are they friendly on your hip pocket, but you can easily tweak or change pieces of each gift to best suit the intended recipient/s.

#1 Make it or bake it

When the budget is tight, a great way to save a few dollars on Christmas gifts is by making your own. And the great thing about handmade Christmas gifts is that they are fully customisable. You can make Christmas gifts as big as you need or as small as you want. And it all depends on the talent that you have within – just get your creative on!

Here are a few handmade Christmas gift ideas that won’t cost the earth and are easy to make.

Sweets hamper

Bake up a batch of Christmas morsels of yumminess and present them in a gorgeous handmade Christmas hamper. Biscuits and slices always make tasty treats and often have a good shelf life. These items are great as handmade Christmas gifts. Bliss balls make a great alternative for the health-conscious too.


Simply place some scrunched up some tissue paper into the bottom of a gift box. Wrap your baked goodies in cellophane decorated with some Christmas ribbon. Throw in some candy canes and a carefully chosen Christmas decoration to finish the job perfectly.

A bunch of chocolate flowers

Create a bunch of chocolate flowers to impress someone special. Just glue a small, foil-wrapped chocolate to the inside of a cupcake paper (a hot glue gun works great for this). Then poke a wooden kebab stick through the back of it to create a stalk for your “chocolate flower”. Be careful to poke the stick through only as much as you need to hold the chocolate in place, not the entire way through.

Continue the process to make a bunch. When you are happy with the quantity made, wrap them in tissue paper or cellophane to create a bunch of chocolate flowers, just like you see with traditional flowers. You can also add a few natural flowers into this Christmas gift idea if you like.

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Mason jar mini Christmas gift

Mason jars are great for creating DIY Christmas gifts. You can simply fill a jar with Christmas candy canes and wrap some twine around the outside to decorate it. Or fill a jar with red and green lollies with a huge bow on top to make it perfectly Christmas.

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But we particularly love the Christmas gift idea of hot chocolate in a mason jar.

Here is how to do it:

  • Fill an empty mason jar one-quarter of the way with some powdered milk
  • Add chocolate (cocoa) powder to the next quarter
  • Add a little powdered sugar to create another layer (not as big as the previous two)
  • Finish on top with mini marshmallows (we like pink for a bit of colour, but white works great too)

The end result is a pretty jar of layers that can be used to create a yummy hot chocolate drink. If you wanted to add something a little extra for an adult recipient – tie a mini bottle of Baileys to the side of the jar. Decorate the jar with ribbon, bows or Christmas holly.

#2 Personalise it

A good way to introduce extra “value” to a Christmas gift is to have it personalised. Personalised Christmas gifts can often be cherished more by their recipients for their thoughtfulness rather than their actual cost. Some examples are items such as personalised Christmas baubles, towel sets, calendars, a diary, a t-shirt, or a personalised wine glass.

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Following are some of our favourite websites that offer personalised Christmas gifts online, which you might like to check out:

Aside those above, there are also major brands like Peter Alexander, Bonds, Myer and Country Road who also offer personalised gifts that are ideal for Christmas. To save a few bucks, just keep an eye out for specials and promotions from these retailers.

Don’t forget to check out screen printing and embroidery places that can personalise Christmas gifts for you locally too. A good Google search will generally bring up plenty of information.

Planning your Christmas gift ideas for under $25

Before hitting the shops and tackling the task of Christmas gift shopping, check out the below tips for saving yourself some time and cash. Finish your Christmas gift list by making yourself a ‘plan of attack’.

  1. Take the time to create a Christmas gift list (see Top Tips to Create a Christmas Gift List for some great ideas on how to nail this properly)
  2. Plan out where you intend to shop for your Christmas gifts – can you save time by getting some of those Christmas gifts online?
  3. Don’t wait for the last-minute – start planning now!


From the most exuberant and expensive Christmas gifts to a warm embrace which costs only a small amount of time and affection - Christmas gifts come in all sizes, shapes, and fortunes. The choice of how much to spend and what to spend it on is completely up to you. We hope that we’ve given you some inspiration and great ideas to show you how you can give thoughtful and meaningful gifts that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

The Christmas Cart has a wide range of Christmas gifts, keepsakes, and décor available online to help you with your Christmas gift ideas and shopping. Explore the website to discover lots of great gift ideas and Christmas inspiration.