Craft activities for kids are great for so many reasons. And when you combine craft activities with Christmas, that is just another reason to love them even more.

Any type of craft activity is perfect for kids to practice their fine motor skills and it gets them away from the screens for a while too (don’t sell it to them like that though!). They are also excellent for developing creativity and imagination and seeing as Christmas is all about imagination, the timing of some Christmas craft activities is particularly fitting.


Amongst the hustle and bustle of our hectic lives, which seem to get infinitely more chaotic as the end of the year approaches, if that’s at all possible, it’s so important to make time to be together as a family and Christmas craft is just the thing to keep those little hands busy and create some fun Christmas memories too.

Get your craft glue, crayons and children ready. It’s Christmas craft time!

Make Your Own Christmas Cards

Having the kids make their own Christmas cards ticks a number of boxes all at once – Christmas craft activity with the kids (tick), Christmas cards ready to send (tick), personalised and thoughtful cards that mean so much more than a stock-standard packet from the store (BIG tick).

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There are sooo many different ways that you can create beautiful and unique handmade Christmas cards. Let the kids loose with textas, stickers, glitter (there’s always glitter!) and see what gems they come up with. Or take a more structured approach and select a specific template or style to follow. Either way it’ll be a lot of fun with precious results.

Have a look at Handmade Christmas Cards for some great ideas to get you on your way. Of course, a quick search on Google or Pinterest will certainly not leave you wanting for ideas.

Handmade Christmas Décor

Add an extra special touch to your Christmas decorating by having the kids create beautiful handmade décor pieces as part of your Christmas craft activities.

Simple craft ideas include making snowflakes, paper chains and painting pinecones. For the older children or something a little more involved making and decorating a wreath or creating their very own snow cups or snow globes can be a lot of fun.

Check out Christmas Craft for Kids and Kids Christmas Craft Ideas for more detail on these and other great Christmas craft décor ideas.

Christmas Craft Baubles

The Christmas tree is usually the focal point of many Christmas activities. Most kids love helping out to decorate the tree and it gives them even more excitement when they get to hang special Christmas decorations that they have made themselves.

Craft baubles are a wonderful starting point for creating gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, tree decorations. They can be filled with small pieces such as sand, shells, paper, poms poms or anything else that you and your junior craft assistants can think of really.

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Alternatively, you can glue glitter, sequins, shells (or anything else that you and your junior craft assistants can think of really!) to the outside if the bauble.

There’s no reason why you couldn’t do a little of both and decorate from the inside and the outside for the complete Christmas craft experience.

Christmas Craft Kits

If you are finding it hard to know where to start or perhaps are looking for something that is a little easier to organise, Christmas Craft Kits are a perfect solution.

The Christmas Cart has a great selection of Children’s Craft Kits available on their website. Help the kids make their very own Christmas cards, finger puppets or Christmas frames with minimum fuss and preparation required.

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Your favourite department stores and variety shops would no doubt have a number of Christmas craft kits for you to choose from too.

There’s so much fun to be had with Christmas craft activities. Choose as many or as little as you like but most importantly enjoy this amazing time of year and the precious time spent together with your children.

The Christmas Cart has lots more Christmas craft inspiration and ideas on our website. Check out the Christmas Craft section of our blog, stock up on craft supplies and get creative this Christmas.