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Dine-In with the Tastiest Christmas in July Drinks and Treats

Celebrating Christmas in July gives us the chance to immerse ourselves in the beauty of Christmas and indulge in the tastiest drinks and treats twice per year. And living in the Southern Hemisphere offers its perks – a delightfully warm beach-laden December, and the opportunity to dive full-force into a winter feast in July. How cool is that!

We can’t wait to share our favourite tastiest drinks and treats with all of you. So, sit down, rug up, and keep reading to find out the winter warmers our team of Christmas enthusiasts recommend to make your Christmas in July extra snug.

Tastiest Christmas in July Drinks

Adult Hot Chocolate

Perfect for any cold night, this twist on a family favourite is definitely not suitable for children. Containing a peppermint and chocolate taste and spiked with a dash (or more) of liqueur, this fittingly named hot chocolate is certain to provide warmth and satisfaction to any elder elf.

We guarantee once you try this adult hot chocolate recipe, it’ll become a staple throughout wintertime.

Image source: The Spruce Eats, Kidspot, The Cookie Rookie

Hot Chocolate Snowmen for the Young-at-Heart

There’s nothing kids love more than roasting marshmallows on the fire in the chill of winter. Use this idea and celebrate Christmas in July with the tastiest family friendly drinks and treats. Make this hot chocolate unique by toasting the marshmallows on the fire (or, in the words of Olaf, “getting gorgeously tanned”) before assembling into a cute snowman (but be careful not to burn yourself).

Make these hot chocolate snowmen the tastiest drinks and treats to appease every family member.

Delicious Salted Caramel Eggnog

Finally, we absolutely couldn’t pass up sharing this indulgent Christmas in July recipe with you. After all, what would any form of Christmas be without eggnog. Since this sweet, warm salted caramel eggnog treat can be tweaked to suit the entire family, it’s sure to be a hit!


Tastiest Christmas in July Treats

Turkey… but not as you know it

Perfect for entertaining, a mid-week pick-me-up, or a hearty family-friendly meal, we highly recommend trying this traditional turkey with a twist. We promise, the delightful twist is worth the wait!

Image source: taste.com.au

Fancy Provencal Potato Bake

Since the normative of enjoying a meat dish is pairing it with some delicious roasted vegetables, we felt like we definitely needed to shed some light on the tastiest baked potatoes. Especially throughout the colder months, this refined provençal potato bake makes a wonderful accompaniment. Pair with a glass of wine for the grown ups and enjoy!

Christmas Shortbread 

If you can’t already tell, we absolutely cannot resist sharing our favourite sweet treats. Decorated with the Christmas fanatic in mind, these simply irresistible Christmas shortbread treats pair perfectly with a hot beverage.


The best part is, all of these tastiest drinks and treats recipes are easy to prepare in advance for guests. Many can be prepared in advance to make sure there’s always something tasty in your fridge for those unexpected guests. Discover more of our tastiest drinks and treats recipes for Christmas in July and December in our Christmas cooking blog. Once you’ve finished cooking up a storm and need another creative outlet, find our DIY blogs and shop for your craft supplies all in the one place.