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Watch the Peppermint Candy Christmas Video

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Watch how we created and decorated for a Peppermint Candy Christmas theme in our Peppermint Candy Christmas video.

Candy canes are undoubtedly one of the most popular symbols when it comes the Christmas festivities. It’s not just the striking and easily recognised red and white stripes, but their iconic sweet peppermint taste too. Inspired by the joy of candy canes, childhood Christmas memories and retro-style candy stores, we’ve created the Peppermint Candy Christmas collection.

Like any good Christmas celebration, a Peppermint Candy Christmas is overflowing with plenty of sweet treats, like cupcakes and lollipops (and candy canes of course!). “The more the merrier!”, we say. This collection is definitely one for those who have a sweet tooth and love lots of colour and fun in their Christmas decorating.

We’ve taken a modern twist on the traditional red and white, adding the soft sweetness of pink and mint. And then we upped the whimsical, with the use of oversized décor elements including snowflakes and candy ornaments, alongside all your Christmas favourites. There’s cheeky elves, gingerbread men, snowmen and Santa surrounded by plenty of beautiful baubles, gorgeous florals and colourful ribbons too.

This is definitely child-friendly collection, not only for the fun-filled theme but there’s lots of felt, shatterproof baubles and bright fun colours. Mixed with the hint of retro nostalgia, there really is something for everyone to love about a Peppermint Candy Christmas.

There are endless options when it comes to creating and styling your own Peppermint Candy Christmas. Whether you want to lean towards the traditional – opting for more focus on the classic candy-stripe of red-and-white with hints of green – or perhaps embracing a more whimsical feel and incorporating the pastel tones of mint and pink.

Watch our Peppermint Candy Christmas video to see all the wonderful ways you can create and decorate for your very a Peppermint Candy Christmas.

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