Secret Santa is a westernised tradition where members of a group participate in a Christmas gift-giving exercise to share in the spirit of Christmas. It is especially popular in workgroups and large families but is now growing in popularity among friendship and social groups too.

Because socks and jocks are never a well-received (or appropriate) Christmas gift from Secret Santa, here’s our top list of Christmas gifts to help cover off anyone you might draw out in the Secret Santa pool this year.

How Secret Santa works
Secret Santa works on a random allocation system where each participant’s name is placed into a draw. From this draw, participants are allocated one other person to buy a Christmas gift, or ‘Secret Santa’ gift for. Typically, you are not supposed to disclose who you draw out – that is the secret. Of course, this usually comes out in the wash up anyway. But it definitely makes for some fun along the way!

Generally, you are given a minimum and/or maximum budget. It is then over to you to source the perfect Christmas gift for the person you are allocated for the appropriate cost.

Secret Santa is popular in large, extended families as you only need to concentrate on perfecting one Christmas gift each year and it also helps to keep costs under control. This form of gift-giving is also a great idea at work as a way to get everyone in on the fun and spread Christmas cheer.

How to find the perfect Secret Santa gift
Gifting can get a little difficult in a Secret Santa system if you don’t know your allocated recipient very well. But, all it really takes is finding out one key interest of theirs and you are on your way.

Below, we have listed some Secret Santa Christmas gift ideas to make light of the job at hand. It can be as simple as uncovering which of these fit the personality of your Secret Santa giftee the best.

For the Movie Buff
If you draw out someone you know loves a flick or two, here are some Christmas gifts that he or she might like.

  • A movie gift card – you can purchase these Secret Santa gifts from major retailers like Big W and Coles. But, even better, they can also be purchased online so you don’t have to brave the shops at Christmas time!
  • A mini popcorn maker – let your movie buff bring the smell of the cinema to their own home with a popcorn maker.
  • A Netflix gift card – with the ability to watch TV shows and movies on any internet-connected device, a Netflix gift card is a great Christmas gift option for a movie buff.

For the Animal Lover
If your Secret Santa is crazy about their pet, they might fancy some of these Secret Santa Christmas gifts.

  • Personalised Christmas stocking – available in a range of cute cat or dog designs, put a smile on their face with a stocking for their furry friend. Check out the pet stockings available in our online store. For extra points, you can personalise the stocking with the four-legged friend's name. Any pet lover would absolutely love this!
  • Pet themed decorations - if a pet Christmas stocking is not quite right, perhaps a pet-themed decoration to hang on the tree would be better. Available in a range of colours and style, and also able to be personalised, these keepsakes make a truly special gift for any animal lover.
  • Musical dancing plush dog – what a great way to combine a love of animals and Christmas. This gorgeous little guy grooves to ‘Shout’ and flaps his ears as he bops along. See our dancing friend in action here.
  • Animal sanctuary admission – depending on where you are located, you might like to buy a pass to a local zoo or animal sanctuary for your Secret Santa. Places like Australia Zoo, Paradise Country, Taronga Park Zoo, Melbourne Zoo, Underwater World, SeaWorld and Adelaide Zoo would be well regarded by any animal lover.

For the MasterChef
There are so many great Christmas gifts to suit those that love being busy in the kitchen. Some of our top ideas are below.

  • Christmas apron – keeping it in the Christmas spirit, gift your Secret Santa with an apron to celebrate the occasion. See two of our favourites here.
  • Cheese making kit – not many people, great cook or otherwise, will say they have had a crack a making their own cheese. But, with a cheese making Christmas gift kit now they can! Check out some of these cheese making kits we found on Green Living Australia
  • Yoghurt maker – another culinary favourite, homemade yoghurt is full of flavour and all the good stuff your Secret Santa foodie will love
  • Mushroom growing kit – mushrooms really need no introduction to the culinary world. And, there is no better way to get mushies than to grow them yourself. Clean, fresh and lovely tasting mushrooms right where and when you need them.
  • Foodie magazine subscription – from Better Homes and Gardens to Taste Magazine and everything in between, you could arrange a Secret Santa Christmas gift of food on paper to inspire your MasterChef

For the Music Lover
Try some of these ideas for a Secret Santa Christmas gift full of rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, rap, country, metal and all the music genres!

  • iTunes gift card – quick and easy to order online, iTunes has it all covered. The beauty with an iTunes voucher is they can be used for books, movies, TV shows and app purchases too. Note that iTunes are only compatible with iOS devices and computers so make sure that will work for the person you are buying for.
  • Google Play Music – arrange a Google Play Music subscription for your Secret Santa music lover
  • Musical Santa – for a bit of light-hearted entertainment, any music lover will appreciate our Disco Santa! He sings and dances to the party classic “Macho Man”. Check out our Santa groover and other musical characters here.

Secret Santa Christmas Gift Wrapping
Presentation is key with Secret Santa gifts. To make your Secret Santa gift look uber-impressive check out our Deluxe DIY Christmas Hamper Kit.

Our hamper package is an easy and stylish way to present any Secret Santa Christmas gift. The kit includes deluxe metallic silver hamper box, complete with ribbon and bow, two treat boxes and a personalised bon bon. Fill the boxes with home-cooked treats, some DIY Christmas gifts or other Christmas goodies.

Check out our articles for more DIY hamper and Christmas gift ideas that are perfect for Secret Santa gifts.

Our 10cm glass baubles or medium matching gift boxes fit perfectly into the hamper box. And our pewter and brass range of gifts also make great accompaniments.

You can also purchase additional mailing boxes when you order multiple hampers to protect your Secret Santa Christmas gifts if they need to be posted.

Make your Secret Santa Christmas gift extra-special this year by finding something perfectly suited to your recipient.