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Secret All Tied Up: Discover Decorating with Christmas Ribbons

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If you have not discovered the magic of decorating with Christmas ribbon yet, get ready to be spellbound. See why we love getting our ribbon in a festive twist at The Christmas Cart!

When thinking about Christmas decorating, many people picture shiny tinsel, Christmas bells, garlands and holly. However, what we believe is missing from their imagery is decorating with Christmas ribbons. Because decorative Christmas ribbons are such a versatile piece of Christmas décor arsenal that no festive fanatic can ever really go without. And we are about to show you why.

There are so many wonderful ways to get all tied up in decorating with Christmas ribbons. Here are 8 simple and effective projects to help kick your creative juices up a notch.

8 Simple Ways to Decorate with Christmas Ribbons

#1 Replace Tinsel on the Tree

Instead of wrapping your Christmas tree in plastic pieces of shiny tinsel, use decorative Christmas ribbons instead. Following are a few ideas.

You can wind and decorate Christmas ribbons around the tree in an encircling motion (just like most people do using tinsel).

Decorate Christmas ribbons from the top of the tree straight down, making sure to use plenty of strands to cover each section of your tree for an eye-catching display. When completed, this idea reminds me a of a merry-go-round. Use a variety a colour, or just a single colour ribbon, the choice is yours.

Tie your Christmas ribbon into a variety of pretty bows and attach all around the tree. Create some bow clusters with multiple ribbons for an extra wow-factor.

Or, keeping with a top-to-bottom theme, decorate Christmas ribbons down the tree adding their own curves and waves as you go to create more depth on the tree.

* Tip: for maximum impact, set your decorative Christmas ribbons to appear from the bottom of a tree topper. See ‘our top 6 favourite ways to top your tree’ for more information.

#2 Embellish a Staircase

You can make any staircase or banister look uber impressive by decorating with Christmas ribbon. Just drape some ribbon around the stairwell and tie it or twist it as you need. Or, to make your Christmas decorating even more impressive, intertwine some ribbon throughout your garlands.

To create more impact, you can embellish the ribbon by adding some baubles, florals, or picks. For a bit more twinkle, add some seed lights throughout the display as well. You can go as bold or as subdued as you like with this decorative Christmas ribbon idea.

#3 Decorate Christmas Ribbons on the Chairs

As a very simple and impactful décor option, you can decorate Christmas ribbons on your chair backs. We particularly like the following ideas.

Create a snowman on your chairs using a white pillowcase, a few black pom-poms or stickers, and Christmas ribbon. For this idea to be really effective, you will need a thick, decorative Christmas ribbon, like our Buffalo Check Ribbon or our Reversible Velvet Ribbon, to take the shape of the snowman’s scarf. Mix and match different types of ribbons to add more character to your Christmas table.

Image source: Pinterest, The Christmas Cart

Alternatively, tie a simple arrangement of Christmas sprays, florals, pinecones, shells, tree decorations, or other Christmas décor that will suit your theme, onto the back of each chair with some decorative Christmas ribbon.

#4 Decorate Christmas Ribbons on a Candle

Jazz up a plain candle simply by decorating it with Christmas ribbon. You can glue a button, some gemstones, gumnuts, shells, berries, or anything else that takes your fancy, to the front of the ribbon.

Alternatively, if you prefer a flameless candle option, you can put together a Pretty Little Christmas Lantern Swag using the decorations and ribbon you already have.

#5 Transform a Cushion into a Festive Display

This idea to decorate with Christmas ribbon is so simple yet so effective – you can transform your lounge room with festive finesse just by wrapping a few plain cushions with decorative Christmas ribbon.

#6 Create a Festive Wall Hanging with Ribbon

Have some old timbers laying around the yard, or even some thick cardboard that can be painted or coated? Then you can decorate it with Christmas ribbon to create a unique wall hanging. If you wanted to a more rustic look, you could opt for some burlap Christmas ribbon or jute instead of coloured ribbon.

* Tip: if you would love a Christmas-themed wall hanging but don’t have the time or the tools to create your own, just select one from the range of wonderful wall hangings and plaques we have available at The Christmas Cart.

#7 Wine Glass Décor

When it comes to Christmas, anything is fair game. And that includes Christmas décor! Impress your guests at the dinner table with your festive efforts by decorating with Christmas ribbon on their wine glasses too. Just add a small Christmas decoration, and this is a cute idea that brings festive cheer right to their fingertips, literally!

Image sources: Around the World Christmas, HomeBNC

#8 Upcycle or Upstyle a Vase

Decorate a vase to use as a Christmas centrepiece, a side table or mantle display by decorating it with Christmas ribbon.

* Tip: for some decorative Christmas ribbon inspiration, take a look at our Christmas Crafts that Glitter and Sparkle.

To transform your Christmas decorating this year just get all tied up in fun by decorating with Christmas ribbons. Christmas ribbons are just as versatile to use in Christmas decorating as they are with Christmas wrapping too.

See our full range of gorgeous Christmas ribbons in our online store – stocked a ready for delivery to your door! And for more decorating and Christmas wrapping inspiration, take a look at the helpful articles we have available in our blog.