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Our Top 6 Favourite Ways to Top Your Tree

Peppermint Candy Christmas Tree Topper Frosted Candy Cane Ball Pick Header

You simply can’t have a Christmas tree without a Christmas tree topper. See how to make yours extra-special this year with some of our favourite ways to top a tree.

A Christmas tree topper is as much of a partner to a Christmas tree as an elf is to Santa. They both complement one another and it’s hard to finish the job properly without them. A Christmas tree topper puts the final touch onto a tree and can be the difference between a good Christmas tree and a festive masterpiece.

There are many people who disregard anything other than a star to sit atop their perfectly primed Christmas tree. But our festive gurus are about to demonstrate that there are plenty of other interesting ways to top your tree with festive finesse. So, let us show you our favourite ways to use Christmas tree toppers and top your tree!

Bowtiful Christmas Tree Toppers

If it is an extravagant display that you want to achieve, you can gain plenty of texture, colour and depth with Christmas tree topper bows.

Featuring an eye-catching combination of ribbon layered into voluminous loops and bows, our deluxe Christmas tree topper bow with streamers goes one step further with lengths of ribbon that hang down the tree to create a fuller flowing aesthetic.

This unique-style Christmas tree topper can not only be used to embellish your Christmas tree, but it also looks fabulous on a Christmas wreath, or used to decorate a door, a wall, or window in your home.

Angel Christmas Tree Toppers

As a symbol of the angels which appeared high in the sky on the first Christmas, angel Christmas tree toppers are almost as popular as a Christmas star on the top of the tree. Angel Christmas tree toppers, however, introduce more of a symbol of life and love, and they can be a wonderful way to pay tribute to and Keep Loved Ones Close this Christmas too.

Angel Christmas tree toppers add instant personality to a tree. For example, our White Satin and Fur Angel Christmas Tree Topper, dressed in a stunning white fur dress and hood with beautiful feathered wings, suits a winter-based Christmas theme perfectly. Or, you can pair her with red, green, silver and gold tones for a more traditional Christmas theme.

We have a range of lovely angel Christmas tree toppers to help inject character into your home for any décor style.

To fix our angel Christmas tree toppers into place, a plastic frame is located underneath their dresses for easy positioning up the top of the tree.

Snowman Head Christmas Tree Topper

If Frosty could really talk, he would tell you that he can turn heads! As one of the newest additions to our Christmas tree topper range this season, our handsome, happy snowman makes an adorable addition to any home. Children, especially, will love having a cute snowman in the prime position on their Christmas tree.

You can pair our snowman Christmas tree topper with other Must Have Christmas Characters for Maximum Festive Impact throughout your décor.

DIY Christmas Tree Topper

In line with your decorating style, a DIY Tree Topper is the perfect addition! Pair an assortment of florals with ribbons for an amazingly eye-catching addition to your Christmas decorating. Craft your Christmas Tree Topper as traditional, like a Christmas Joy Tree Topper, Sparkly, or Naturally Elegant, as you like.

Aside from being the perfect Christmas tree topper, you can use ribbons and picks anywhere you need some festive frivolity in the home too. With an impressive range to choose from, they looks great accompanying your table centrepiece, displayed on a mantle, or even as a focal point in your living room or hallway.

* Tip: see how we made our DIY Christmas Tree Toppers a stunning feature as part of our ‘Christmas Joy collection’.

Picks and Sprays Christmas Tree Toppers

Just like you see in our ‘Peppermint Candy Christmas collection’, you can make your Christmas tree look absolutely fabulous with a range of picks and sprays to top your tree.

In this collection we chose various picks, sprays, bows, and snowflakes, with a cute gingerbread character nestled amongst the arrangement. To customise a Christmas tree topper of this nature, just change up the Christmas character, bows and florals to suit whichever Christmas theme you are going with this year.

Christmas tree toppers made with picks and sprays create wonderful texture and height that can bring more dimension and interest to the top of a Christmas tree.

Star Christmas Tree Toppers

And now, for the stars of the show – Christmas tree topper stars! No story of Christmas tree toppers could ever be complete without them. Here are a few ideas on how to make a Christmas tree topper star even more fabulous at the top of your tree.

Add Picks and Bows

Fix a giant bow to the back of your Christmas tree topper star before setting it onto the top of your Christmas tree. Then add an arrangement of glitter picks protruding from the back and the top of the star to add more height.

Nest it Nicely

Create a “nest” for your Christmas tree topper star by crafting a soft base of feathers or florals to sit directly under the star. Add a cute feathered or fury friend to finish the job perfectly.

You can make any standard Christmas tree topper extra-special by embellishing it with Christmas characters, florals, ribbons and other crafty Christmas pieces. There are simply no rules as to what can and cannot be prime position at the top of any Christmas tree.

When it comes to decorating a Christmas tree, Christmas tree toppers are the icing on the Christmas cake. You simply can’t have a Christmas tree without one.

For plenty of Christmas tree topper inspiration and tips for adding festive charm to your entre tree, see our ‘Top Tips to Create a Stunning Christmas Tree’. And head on over to our Inspiration Gallery for plenty more decorating ideas!