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Inspiring Ideas to Add WOW when Giving Gift Cards and Experience Gifts

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Looking for ideas for giving a gift card or experience gifts this Christmas? We will show you some ways to add extra WOW to those cards and experiences with clever gift wrapping and presentation ideas.

The idea of giving a gift card or experience gift may sound quite appealing as a Christmas gift. But often, it’s the gift-wrapping experience that lets it down as a gift of WOW factor! For example, receiving a card (insert boring sound here) in an envelope that contains an exciting sky diving voucher for two. Or, a gift card voucher to your favourite shop – but it is also presented in just a paper packet. These ideas for giving gift cards and experiences have the potential to be so much more.

So, what are The Christmas Cart gifting gurus going to do about this? We make an article to show you just how much more exciting your idea for giving a gift card or experience gift could be with a little more oomph. Find out how to get started right here.

The Christmas Cart’s Christmas Gurus Ideas for Adding WOW Factor to Giving Gift Cards and Experience Gifts.

You can increase the gifting experience for those with gift cards or gift experiences by boosting the wrapping experience too. Here are a few simple ideas.

Transform a Plastic Gift Card into a Gift Experience Itself

If you are gifting one of those traditional plastic gift cards, just turn the wrapping for giving that gift card into an experience itself. The way we achieve this is to add wrapping related to the gift card or gift experience that it contains. Here are a few example ideas.

A Motor-Themed Gift Experience

An idea for giving a gift card or experience gift that is car themed is to disguise the gift inside something else car-related. Before wrapping it, a clever idea is to place your gift card or voucher inside a remote-controlled car. Alternatively, attach to a tag on a car themed Christmas decoration, placed amongst other gifts inside a Christmas stocking or sack, folded in a Christmas car coffee mug, or even inside in a car grooming kit. Or, you could make your own cute car-themed gift box featuring a road and toy car to disguise your gift. Once unwrapped, your gift recipient will be pleasantly surprised what their motor-themed gift really contains.

A Holiday Gift Experience of a Lifetime

If you are planning on giving a gift card or an experience gift that involves a trip of any kind, then you might like to present the holiday voucher or package inside a mini suitcase or travel case. These personalised travel cases and personalised suitcase keepsake boxes from our friends at Gifts and Keepsakes create the perfect gift wrap for unwrapping a holiday or day trip gift experience. Another perk of concealing a gift card or an experience gift inside either of these ideas is the case and box can be reused! Your recipient can take their personalised travel case on holiday with them, and use their keepsake box to store all their precious Christmas trinkets. Adding a gift card or experience gift into a personalised gift creates an especially meaningful and unique element.

Alternatively, you could also conceal your holiday voucher inside some gift wrapping that involves imagery of the location of the holiday, or an activity that might be undertaken. Here are some examples below.

For a shopping holiday, you could present your voucher or gift certificate inside a personalised calico shopping bag or personalised tote bag.

Or for a not-so-subtle holiday or gift experience near the beach, roll your gift voucher up and place it inside a jar or bauble filled with sand and shells. Give them the gift of being one step closer to their dream holiday with gift cards towards flights or accomodation in a personalised travel or holiday fund money box.

Image source: The Christmas Cart, Pinterest, Gifts and Keepsakes

Give a Well-Earned Day Out

For a foodie’s perfect day trip, just hide your gift experience voucher in a small hamper of treats that are related to the experience. You might also like to include some food-inspired Christmas tree decorations, such as those from our Peppermint Candy Christmas Collection, to top it off nicely.

As another idea, you can include your voucher with one of our gorgeous Christmas ornaments, presented in a window gift box or Christmas gift bag. And as for the adult foodies, a more mature yet still whimsical gift is a personal beer fund money box from the gifting experts at Gifts and Keepsakes.


Give the Gift of Music

Old sheets of music, or some paper with the lyrics of your gift recipient’s favourite song written on them, make great wrapping paper for gifts of music. Whether that be a ticket to a musical, a concert, or a simple iTunes gift voucher; you can wrap them all in the gift of music itself! Just add some Christmas bells and ribbon for more festive impact.

Image source: Papermash, Girl Loves Glam, The Christmas Cart

For a musical festival gift, an idea could be to give a gift card or experience gift inside some colourful, more festival-friendly, music wrapping with a set of headphones and confetti, streamers or plenty of colourful ribbon.

Gift Card and Christmas Florals

Ideal for giving a gift card or gift experience for someone who also likes flowers, you can make a bunch of beautiful Christmas florals, or a Christmas floral arrangement, to nestle your gift card inside. Use a mixture of fresh flowers and artificial Christmas florals for your giftee to admire for longer.

For more gift wrapping tips, see ‘all wrapped up in Christmas wrapping‘. Or if you prefer a hamper gift, our ‘amazing DIY Christmas gift hamper ideas‘ are perfect.

The above are just a handful of clever ideas for giving a gift card or experience gift that add instant WOW factor and boost the unwrapping experience for your giftee. The secret is to simply coincide your gift wrapping with the contents itself to make the most memorable gift possible.

The Christmas Cart has a tonne of clever gift décor and wrapping bits and pieces to help create stunning Christmas gift experiences from the outside in. Be sure to check out our online store for amazing gifts, ornaments, décor and more, delivered to your recipients door.