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Get Crafty With The Whole Family Over Christmas

Silver Frost Christmas Plywood Craft Star Tray Set of 3 with Silver Velour Poinsettia Candle Wreath

Celebrate a crafty family Christmas and save money with some beautiful DIY creations to boost the festive cheer in your home.

A little Christmas craft with family in the lead up to December is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. If your kids love getting their hands dirty, a bit of art and craft around the house will put smiles on their faces and get them into the Christmas spirit.

We’ve put together a list of fun Christmas craft projects you can make with the whole family to elevate the spirit in your home.

Replenish your Craft Kit

First up, you will need to prepare your ultimate craft kit. Of course this includes the basics – scissors, glue, sticky tape, textas, pens and paper. But to really open up your options, think about adding:

  • Paddle pop sticks
  • Fillable baubles
  • A range of coloured cardboard
  • Lots of ribbon
  • Foam sheets balls
  • Stickers and glitter
  • Florals, picks, and animals
  • And whatever other material you can find in the craft section of your local department store.

Also, don’t forget to use what you have around you. A pinecone or old jar can easily be painted and will add a unique dimension to your project without blowing the budget.With your craft kit set out on the table, it’s time to start making your Christmas craft with family.

Revamp your Tree Decorations

Ever wondered what you can do with those tarnished baubles and finials you’ve had in storage for years? Some Christmas craft with family will do the trick! These old tree decorations can be brought back to life with a splash of paint and glitter, or use some imagination and join the kids in making personal baubles. Display them proudly on your Christmas tree, or place in gift boxes for affordably gorgeous gifts for your loved ones.

Christmas Craft with Family for the Home

Every space in your house can potentially scream Christmas. When it comes to DIY Christmas decorations, there’s no touch too small. Even a simple idea can go a long way.

Display Christmas Masterpieces Everywhere

Since kids love seeing their artwork displayed around the home, Christmas craft with family is a great way to make everlasting memories. Get the kids to paint a nativity scene, Christmas symbol, or Santa’s crew, and stick their paintings throughout your home. On the fridge, framed and hung on the wall, or laminated and placed on a shelf, making and displaying art is perhaps the easiest Christmas craft with family. When Christmas is over, simply store them away in a keepsake box to put on show again the next year. Or if you’re truly crazy about Christmas craft, you could leave their works of art where they are after the festive season.

An Advent Calendar for the living room

Who doesn’t love counting the days to Christmas! Participating in Christmas craft with family by making an advent calendar is a fun option, Maybe you want to have a simple cardboard backing with coloured paper marking each date. However, if you want a more elaborate design, consider small boxes or drawstring bags. You can fill these with a small treat and take them as you count down each day to Christmas.

Advent calendars make wonderful surprises for family members too. Enlist the help of your older children to make some for the younger kids (and they’ll definitely be the favourite sibling). Or if you’re the crafty grandparent, put those skills to good use by creating your Grandchild’s Christmas Advent Calendar.

Christmas Ornaments on the Tables and Shelves

Christmas craft with family is the perfect approach to bringing the Christmas spirit into your house. With some simple upcycling techniques, you can transform any dilapidated items you have lying around:

  • An old jar can be turned into a snow globe with a bit of glitter, glue, and old toys (a small toy car or horse would work well). Or paint and fill with green pine branches and decorate with fairy lights to really make it sparkle.
  • Using trays as feature pieces is popular in contemporary home decorating. Decorate 3 ways with Christmas Stars and watch the magic come to life in your home.
  • Upgrade your existing basket, sleigh, or tree planter by adding fun Christmas Fiesta Tassels.
  • You could simply fill an entire clear jar with glitter and add googley eyes, a red ball for the nose and a smile to represent Santa’s reindeer.
  • Paddle pop sticks can be shaped into almost anything. Cover in glitter and turn into a star, or paint brown and shape into a sleigh. Alternatively, you could simply line the paddle pop sticks side by side to form a billboard and paint with a Christmas slogan. Choose to finish by attaching some string to the back and voilà, you have gorgeous Christmas ornaments to hang in your centrepieces.

Hang it on the Tree and Beyond

The tree is the biggest symbol of Christmas in your house. Simple decorations can be drawn and hung on the tree with a string, while more creative ideas include a painted pinecone and decorated jar lids. Fill craft baubles with numerous trinkets, or paint and cover in glitter.

Your Christmas craft with family doesn’t need to start and end at the Christmas tree. Slide these decorations into a wreath, include in your centrepiece, or erect another Christmas tree to display all your family’s gorgeous creations.

Stick to Tradition

Perhaps there’s a craft activity you and your kids enjoy creating each Christmas. Gather up all the necessary supplies and kick off Christmas craft with family by making the projects they’ve been looking forward to all year.

With all these ideas to spur the imagination, you can easily spend a day or two undertaking Christmas craft projects with your loved ones.

There’s loads of opportunities to get crafty with your family whilst preparing for Christmas. The countdown to Christmas is exciting for all members of the family, especially children. Channel this excitement into creating a work of art to be cherished for years to come. Visit The Christmas Cart‘s one-stop-shop to purchase all the craft supplies you need, view their blog for more crafty ideas, and decorate with the Inspiration Gallery.