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Amazing DIY Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas

Merry Christmas DIY Hamper Gift Boxes with red shredded Paper

Gifting inspiration required? No problem! Take a look at our amazing DIY Christmas gift hamper ideas and get gifting like a professional for your family and friends this year.

Hampers make great gift ideas for many occasions, because you can personalise the contents and pack as much fun and as many goodies into a hamper as you like. Edible treats, décor, primping and pampering, tools, gift experiences, and much more. We have Santa sacks, boxes and bags of DIY Christmas gift hamper ideas to help spread plenty of Christmas cheer amongst your family and friends this year.

So, if you need some gifting inspiration, take a look at this impressive compilation of DIY Christmas gift hamper ideas that our gifting gurus at The Christmas Cart have put together.

Our DIY Christmas gift hamper ideas can be collated exactly as you see, or just use them as a base to tinker and tailor precisely as you need.

How to Set Up a DIY Christmas Gift Hamper Idea

Before getting into the contents of all our DIY Christmas gift hamper ideas, we have some expert packing tips that will help to make your hamper look super impressive.

#1 Use the Right Packaging

The packaging itself is all part of the gifting experience so remember this when selecting an item to hold all of your gifts. For example, if you are going with a pamper pack, your items might look fab inside one of our gorgeous wooden keepsake boxes. A gardening hamper could be packaged inside a bucket or rustic wooden crate for example. Or, you could use a fishing box or tool box as the host for a men’s hamper perhaps.

* Tip: for an easy DIY Christmas gift hamper idea, see our range of DIY hamper gift box sets, which include a decorated Christmas box, paper filling and a gift tag.

#2 Layer It Perfect

Regardless of which box, basket or gift packaging you use for your DIY Christmas gift hamper idea, start with adding some appropriate stuffing or filling at the bottom. This helps to hold all your important pieces in place and makes your hamper look perfectly primed. Don’t skimp on this part. If you have delicate pieces especially, you should include plenty of fluffy padding or filling that will ensure your items are safely housed.

For a rustic or natural base, you could even use an eco-friendly option by crumpling up some natural jute hessian sheets. These sheets can be used over again, which makes them a great filling option for a hamper as they don’t need to be discarded after a single use.

#3 Fill Your Hamper

When it comes time for adding in all your special gifts and treasures, take the time to place them inside your hamper neatly. Present your items so that the product labels can be seen (and easily identified) rather than stacking them on top of each other. If you have blank spaces to fill, bows made from Christmas ribbon, Christmas baubles, bon bons, or Christmas ornaments and tree decorations, make great hamper space fillers too.

#4 Present It Professionally

A DIY Christmas gift hamper ideally should be presented just as well from the outside as it is on the inside. Think about how to present your DIY hamper like a professional would do so. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

DIY Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas

Now that we have armed you with the basics for building the perfect DIY Christmas gift hamper, here are some of our tried and tested ideas for gifts to go inside all those lovely hampers.

DIY Christmas Gift Hamper Idea – for Ladies

Sugar and spice and all things nice… these DIY Christmas gift hamper ideas are designed to tick the boxes for some of those lovely ladies in your lives.

Pampered Princess Pack

If you know a special lady who could do with a stint of R&R, some special pampering, or just deserves to be treated, we think our pampered princess DIY Christmas hamper gift idea may just hit the spot.

Start with a personalised box, like one of these gorgeous keepsake suitcase boxes from our friends at Gifts and Keepsakes, then add some shredded brown paper or tissue paper fluffed up. Fill the box with special little treats like:

Beauty Booster Box

Starting with the same box arrangement as above, or one of our wooden keepsake boxes, fill your ‘beauty hamper’ with:

  • a teapot set
  • a beauty-boosting tea blend
  • a clay face mask
  • mascara
  • tinted lip balm
  • protein bliss balls (or another healthy snack)
  • some mixed nuts and dried fruit options

DIY Christmas Gift Hamper Idea – for Men

Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails… this DIY Christmas gift hamper idea is made with a more masculine approach and perfect for the man of the moment.

Men’s Grooming Hamper Kit

Fill a large gift box with some dark-coloured tissue paper and some grooming aids for men, like:


DIY Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas – for Kids

Compiling pieces for DIY Christmas gift hamper ideas for kids is a little more complex as children have so many levels of maturity as they age. But we have put together a few basic ideas for major age groups to help get you started.

Gift Hamper Ideas for Toddlers

Gift Hamper Ideas for Young Children

Gift Hamper Ideas for Teenage Girls

Gift Hamper Ideas for Teenage Boys

  • deodorant gift pack
  • face scrub
  • hair wax
  • shower gel
  • online music/gaming voucher

Other DIY Christmas gift hamper ideas could include a gardener’s gift hamper filled with seed sowing kits, small garden tools, gardening gloves, hat and sunscreen. A car lovers pack to include car wash, sponge, chamois, car scent diffuser, and a bucket. A BBQ hamper pack filled with meat rubs and spices, sauces, BBQ apron, and a personalised beer glass. A wine lovers hamper to include a cheese making and platter kit, bottle of wine, personalised wine glass and wine stopper.

There are so many ways to prepare and fill DIY Christmas gift hampers, our ideas are merely the very start to an endless array of wonderful options. Discover more DIY Christmas Gift Hamper ideas and other unique Christmas gifting approaches in our festive blog.

Just start by planning your own DIY Christmas gift hamper ideas around the individual likes and wants of your gift recipients then pack, fill, layer and present from there!

The Christmas Cart stocks an amazing range of Christmas gift ideas and DIY hamper gift packs that are perfect for hampers of all shapes and sizes. Visit our online store to view our entire range.