The tree is up, the gifts are wrapped, the wreath and stockings are hung. What’s a Christmas gal to do with her festive decorating fingers next?

With only 3 weeks to go until Christmas Day arrives it’s time to finalise your plans for a showstopping Christmas table display. The Christmas table usually plays a pretty big role in the festivities on Christmas Day and so we love putting a little extra effort in to making it look the part.

A beautifully dressed Christmas table goes a long way to making your guests feel super special too. Taking the time and care to give them a memorable dining experience shows how much you care and value their presence at your home and your table. Obviously, the experience includes the delicious food that you will serve, but the visual feast that you provide is important too.

There are two main parts to consider when it comes to decorating the Christmas table. There’s the centrepiece and the place settings. Previously, we’ve gathered a selection of Gorgeous Christmas Table Centrepiece Ideas to Inspire so jump over there and have a look if you’re after some Christmas Table Centrepiece inspiration.

Here, we’re going to show you how you can create amazing Christmas place settings to suit any Christmas decorating style.

Everyone in their Place with Amazing Christmas Place Settings

A tricky part of Christmas table logistics can sorting out where everyone is going to sit - who absolutely has to sit next to Grandma and who shouldn’t sit next to Aunty Martha. If you can give clear instructions as to who sits where, this can avoid any awkward moments as everyone tries to find a spot and tuck into their meal.

This seemingly administrative and practical focused task can, in fact, become a beautiful opportunity to spread a little personalised Christmas cheer and bring your Christmas decorating to the table.

Set It Up with Personalised Name Tags

Personalised name cards are a simple way to let everyone know where their place at the table is and they look gorgeous too. Once you have your name tags, think about how you are going to present and position them on the table.

Place card holders are a stunning way to display your personalised name cards. Their simple yet stunning designs make them easily suited to many different Christmas decorating styles. If you’re looking for something a little more creative, place your name tags in a pinecone to act as a place card holder. Opt for natural or glitter covered depending on your theme. Alternatively, you could attach name cards to a tree decoration or bon bon. More on that later.

Beautiful Place Settings with Personalised Baubles

Tick two boxes at once by using personalised baubles as place holders. Everyone can easily find their place at the table, they get a lovely personalised gift to take home and the table looks amazing too. What a beautiful Christmas gesture to make your guests feel really special.

Whether your Christmas place setting style is colourful and fun or classic and sophisticated, personalised baubles will fit the bill.

Decorate and Embellish with Floral Picks and Tree Decorations

It might seem unexpected to consider putting floral picks or tree decorations on your Christmas table, but it works a treat.

Attach a name tag to a tree decoration that compliments your theme, combine a tree decoration and a pick, or a name tag and a beautiful spray. The options really are as endless as your imagination and we're sure that you'll agree there's more than one place for picks and tree decorations.

Shake Your Bon Bons!

It wouldn't be a Christmas table without bon bons. They're an important part of the festivities but an important part of amazing Christmas table place setting theming and décor too. Co-ordinate your bon bon choice with the rest of your Christmas decorating for maximum place setting impact.

Creating amazing Christmas table place settings can certainly be a lot of fun if you know where to start. With these handy tips and ideas we hope that you'll be inspired to warmly welcome your guests to the table this Christmas.

You can find everything you need to decorate your table with amazing Christmas table place settings, as well as lots of other Christmas decorating and gift inspiration in The Christmas Cart's online store. Be sure to visit our blog and inspiration gallery too.