Save a few dollars, and perhaps a few hours of pondering over what Christmas decorating you want to do this year, with our top ideas for affordable Christmas decorating. Then, make like an elf on Santa’s production line, and get cracking because the countdown is on!

Christmas is that time of the year which always seems to creep up. One moment, there is plenty of spare time to take preparations slow. The next minute, it is only a few months away and we are here wondering whatever happened to the start of the year! But regardless of how quickly it appears to come and go, I never let Christmas get on top of my budget.

I am certainly no Bah Humbug. I’ve simply learnt over the years some clever ways to stretch my dollar when it comes to the festive season. One of the best ways to do this is to make your own affordable Christmas decorating.

I love everything about making my home sparkle with magic at Christmas. In fact, our team at The Christmas Cart are all pretty savvy when it comes to cost-saving tricks for affordable Christmas decorating. So, I gathered up the crew’s ideas and put together our top hacks for crafting affordable Christmas decorating.

The Christmas Cart’s affordable Christmas decorating ideas

With time still on our hands, take advantage of these clever budget-savvy tips for creating affordable Christmas decorating of your own this year.

#1 Make use of nature’s gifts

One of the best ways to craft affordable Christmas decorating is to make use of bits and pieces that Mother Nature has left around your home. Gum nuts, greenery, seedpods and dried leaves can all be handy pieces to craft up some affordable Christmas decorating and decor. Here are some ideas to help spark your imagination.

Palm tree seed pods, fronds and dried palm leaves can all make interesting affordable Christmas decor. Hang pieces on the wall, create a table centrepiece, or make some rustic garlands from leaves. Just introduce a few Christmas picks and sprays or Christmas flowers to make these pieces perfectly festive.

Image sources: Ranchoreubidoux, Raumzauber-Sinnwelt, The Christmas Cart

At a very minimal cost, you can even create your own rustic Christmas tree like the ones in the images below. Once you gather your pieces from around the garden, all you need to finish the job is a pot, a string of fairy lights and some Christmas baubles. Opt for extra sparkle with ornate baubles, or keep to the natural theme and craft your own baubles by filling them with pieces from the garden too. How amazing is this affordable Christmas decorating idea!

Image source: Spell and the Gypsy, Pinterest, The Christmas Cart

#2 Printed affordable Christmas decorating ideas

Another affordable Christmas decorating idea is to grab some free, yes you read right – FREE, Christmas printables! These little guys are a Christmas arsenal not to be messed with as they can pack some punch when it comes to Christmas decorating. The only cost to you is the ink and paper they are printed on. To spruce them up, try a few of these ideas.

Put your Christmas printables in a frame and dedicate a wall to hang them on. You can also make a wall of your own Christmas messages too. Just think of some quirky, or traditional, sayings then punch them out in a word processing program, like Microsoft Word. To make them an affordable Christmas decorating idea in their entirety, re-use frames that you already have. Alternatively, check out some cheap frames from places like Kmart and The Reject Shop.

Check out our article Wonderful Ways with Christmas Printables, for more Christmas printable ideas and inspiration.

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#3 Recycle your junk

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? Well, when it comes to affordable Christmas decorating ideas, that trash can be your own treasure. Take a look around your home to see what little treasures you can use to transform into some DIY Christmas décor pieces. Empty tins, mason jars, boxes and old canvases are great for this.

Below is an affordable Christmas decorating idea that, we think most people will be able to get their hands on. And goodness knows these guys have made some pretty decent headlines of late – toilet paper rolls!

Image sources: Hometalk, Budget101, The Christmas Cart

To make your toilet paper roll Christmas wreath, you can spray the rolls a colour, like the first image, or leave them natural. To finish it off perfectly, just add some Christmas florals or little Christmas bells with sprigs of greenery instead.

And how cute are these paper Christmas angels for affordable Christmas decorating? You can fold these up from any paper that you have on hand, new or already used.

Image source: Littlelot via Pinterest

How about upcycling an old canvas that you have stashed away in the cupboard? Just wrap it with some Christmas paper. Add some ribbon and bows to make it look like a giant Christmas box, then hang it on the wall as an interesting and affordable Christmas decorating idea. Voilà!

#4 Get into gifting

There is generally no getting around gifting at Christmas time. Christmas gifts can be an untapped decorating  resource while they are sitting under the tree waiting to be presented on Christmas Day. So, when you go to the effort of wrapping them, just incorporate your gifts as savvy, affordable Christmas decorating ideas too.

Wrap your gifts in paper that will coincide with your Christmas decorating theme. Add some Christmas pieces to the outside, like giant bows and ribbons. You can even use personalised Christmas tree decorations, or greenery and Christmas sprays to add some character.

* Tip: check out our inspiration gallery for some great Christmas Decorating Theme ideas

Christmas decorating does not need to break the budget. Getting creative and making the most of what you have on hand already will help to save a few dollars and get you well on the way for an affordable Christmas this year.

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